“Works For Me Wednesday”

Rocks In My Dryer hosts a “Works For Me Wednesday” on her blog, in which people can posts various tips. This will be my first time to particpate, so I hope I do it right!

I don’t have many tips of my own — I usually am trying to glean them from everyone else. But here’s one I discovered one day. I have an old dresser with a dresser scarf on it. The dresser scarf both brightens and pretties up the space, plus covers some of the faults of the dresser. The scarf has Battenburg lace around the edges, which is pretty but is a bear to iron, so I don’t like to throw it in the washer whenever it gets dusty. One day as I was dusting the dresser, I used one of those sticky lint rollers on the dresser scarf — and it worked beautifully! Got all the dust off without having to wash and iron the scarf. The lint roller also works well on lampshades that aren’t pleated (a vacuum brush attachment works best, but the lint roller is great for a quick once over).


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