There’s a new teen-ager in the world today

Jesse turns 13 today. 😯 😮

It’s a milestone for him to become a teen-ager, start junior high, and join the youth group.
It’s a milestone for me because he’s my youngest child to become a teen-ager.
(Too bad there’s not a wistful smiley face.)

A wise older mom told me years ago not to dread the teen years of our children. If we approach those years with fear or with the thought that it’s going to be awful — it might well be. But if the relationship has been good and the lines of communication have been open all along, there’s no reason both parents and teens can’t enjoy this time of life and work through the transitions. I’m so glad she told me that. For the most part I’ve enjoyed the teen years of my older two sons, and I think they have, too.

We know all along as parents that we’re “working ourselves out of a job,” training our children to one day become responsible adults. That doesn’t make it any easier, though, to know that they won’t always be at home. I won’t look too far ahead and waste the time now missing them before they’re gone. But I’m becoming ever more aware that that time is coming all too quickly.

I hope you have a great birthday, Jesse! Always stay your sweet, sunny self. I trust in these next several years you’ll continue to grow into the young man I hope you will someday become, a man who loves God with all of his heart.

This was Jesse during his first birthday.

Jesse this summer.