Works-For-Me Wednesday: More chicken tenderloin recipes

“Works For Me Wednesday”

I had a post in mind about time-savers, but when I made one of these chicken tenderloin recipes for dinner last night, I thought I’d share that instead.

Chicken and Stuffing Casserole

10 chicken tenderloin pieces
1 16-oz. package Pepperidge Farm Cornbread Stuffing
1 jar chicken gravy or leftover gravy*
Salt and pepper to taste
Prepare the stuffing mix according to package directions for 8 servings (save the rest of the package for the next recipe) and place in rectangular baking pan. Place chicken tenderloin on top. Salt and pepper chicken. Pour gravy over top of all. Bake at 375 for 20-30 minutes.

* You could also use 1 can of cream-of-chicken soup mixed with milk (fill the soup can about 1/2 to 3/4 with milk) or make a white sauce and add instant chicken bouillon.

Oven-Baked Chicken

10 chicken tenderloin pieces
Leftover Pepperidge Farm Cornbread Stuffing mix from previous recipe

Rinse chicken and place in bag of stuffing mix: shake well. Place in single layer on baking pan and sprinkle the rest of the stuffing mix over the top. Bake at 375 for about 20 minutes if thawed, 30 minutes if frozen.

You could dip the chicken in milk or beaten egg before placing it in the stuffing mix if you want to, but just rinsing it with water works well (and is fewer calories).

Both of these feed our family of five with a little left over for lunch. Of course, both could be made with regular chicken pieces, but would take longer to bake.

Bonus tip: If you are out of cream of chicken soup for a casserole recipe, in many cases you can substitute with and cream-of-something soup and a little over a teaspoon of instant chicken bouillon.

Request: I posted a blogging question a few days ago which has not received a response yet. If you have time, it would be a help to me to have your input. Thanks!

For more tips that work for real people, head over to Shannon’s place at Rocks In My Dryer.

11 thoughts on “Works-For-Me Wednesday: More chicken tenderloin recipes

  1. I went back and read your post about the tenderloins. You are right, they’re expensive. But by the time you factor in the labor of cutting away all the icky stuff, not to mention what you paid for the icky stuff no one wants to eat…maybe it isn’t such a bad deal, after all!

  2. I agree completely about tenderloins. I’d rather pay a little more per pound and have it all be edible. Plus, the time you save not having to trim the yuck is a huge bonus. Tasty sounding recipes.

    Thanks for visiting my site today!

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  4. YUM!!! Just made these and took my first bite. Nice! Had my two kiddos help me make them. YUM YUM YUM! I have a cooking recipe site as well and I’d like to exchange links with you. Let me know if this is possible. Thanks.

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