Thursday Thirteen: Things Suzie the Dog Likes To Do


Suzie is half collie, half German Shepherd. We’ve had her since she was a puppy, about 10 years now. She’s not the brightest dog in creation. πŸ™‚ But she is sweet and affectionate.

13 things Suzie the dog likes to do:

1. Sleep

2. Eat

3. Be petted. If you pet her head and then pull away, she’ll put her head back under your hand.

Suzie the dog

4. Be on the trampoline. We’ve had it about as long as we’ve had her, so she grew up with it. She used to bounce on it with the kids. She still gets up there when they’re on, but doesn’t stay long. She likes to sleep there and observe the world from there.

Suzie the dog

5. Be with her people

6. Eat

7. Sleep

8. Go along with my husband and youngest son when they ride bikes. If she sees them getting the bicycles out, she whimpers and groans pitifully until they come and get her. They don’t always, because she doesn’t always stay right with them, and it’s hard to hold her on a leash while riding. But if they don’t take her while they ride bikes, they’ll usually take her for a walk afterward.

9. Chase squirrels.

10. Bark at other dogs taking a walk with their owners.

11. Come inside. She’s an outdoor dog, but makes a beeline for the door when it’s open.

12. Eat

13. Sleep

Suzie the dog

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20 thoughts on “Thursday Thirteen: Things Suzie the Dog Likes To Do

  1. ooooohhh – how wonderfully cute! we had a border collie growing up and sue and I shared a sheltie in our twenties. collies and german shepards are so smart – i bet she is brilliant!

    i have a T13 up this week – a little late though!

  2. Susie is gorgeous! My dog, Buddy did my TT list last week; all the attention went to his head. Stop by my blog if you’re out and about. Have a Happy TT and a wonderful Halloween (I hope Susie likes trick-or-treaters!)

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