New publication of Jonathan Goforth’s original biography

I have mentioned Jonathan and Rosalind Gorforth here many times. I read Rosalind’s biography of Jonathan, Goforth of China, years ago, and just can’t convey how convicted and blessed I was by it. I had read the old one from a lending library at our church. An abridged vesrion came out several years ago which I was really disappointed in — it switched back and forth from first person accounts Rosalind has written to third person summaries the editor or compiler had written with no warning or distinction. I had often told myself that if I could ever find a copy of the older version, I was going to snap it up.

Well, our church is having revival meetings this week with John Van Gelderen. He has a ministry called Preach the Word Ministries through which he sells various helpful books and tracts. Last night he mentioned that a company called Lifeline Ministries has reproduce the original! And he had copies on hand! So I bought one after the service! And I am looking forward to reading it again this winter. I am so glad to have it.

I do encourage you to read about the Goforths. I tried to find an short online biography to link to, but the ones I looked at just didn’t capture the essence of who they were or were from organizations I could not endorse. They were godly people and Rosalind’s writing reveals they were very human, imperfect people.  But God delights in using vessels fully yielded to Him.

7 thoughts on “New publication of Jonathan Goforth’s original biography

  1. I would love to get a copy of that original biography. I’ll look on Lifeline’s website and try to find it. I feel the same way about the original publication of _Father Flannigan of Boy’s Town_. A great read.

  2. I have been reading missionary biographies. I found a copy of Rosalind Godforth’s, How I Know God Answers Prayer after hearing John Van Gelderen read her testimony. It’s a great help to me on as I serve in Japan. Thanks for letting me know of another.

  3. Rosalind Goforth is one of my favorite authors. After you read Goforth of China, I’d highly recommend her book Climbing. It tells more about some of her personal experiences and struggles.

    I love missionary biographies and listed several favorites here as well as under the “Missionary Anecdotes” link under “Categories” in my sidebar.

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