Works For Me Wednesday: Extra packets

When we go through fast food drive-throughs or get take-out orders at restaurants, usually tossed in with our order are packets of ketchup, sauce for chicken nuggets, taco sauce, plastic eating utensils, etc. Usually there are more of the condiments than we can use, and if we’re bringing the food home, we prefer our stainless steel utensils to eat with rather than plastic. So I keep all the “extras” in a drawer, and we use them for picnics or camping. My husband has a big plastic bin in the attic in which he keeps most of the camping gear (I guess that might be another tip! After years of having to gather everything together when anyone went camping, he bought one of those bins to keep it all together), and he has a bag full of the plastic utensils (which are often packaged with napkins and salt and pepper packets) in there.

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5 thoughts on “Works For Me Wednesday: Extra packets

  1. That’s a good tip! We have a drawer for all the “extras”, but we use them in school lunches. Even the extra parmesean cheese!

  2. Great tip. I usually throw the packets away and send the whole bottle (of ketchup or whatever) with my husband to work when needed. Now I can just remember to send one little packet. Thank you.

    Also thanks for stopping by my blog. A great cream is Cetaphil or most drug stores carry a store brand that is just as good.

  3. Good tip! I’ve thought about putting some of these packets in our emergency 72-hour kits too. They probably don’t need to be refrigerated!

  4. I was going to say you can always use those packets as weapons against aggressive drivers. But your idea is probably better.

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