Works-for-Me Wednesday: Prescriptions

wfmwheader_4.jpgIn our family of five, three of us take regular prescription medications, two of us more than one. When one prescription is running low, I check some of the others and call in refills for many of them at one time if possible. Sounds kinda like a “Well, duh” thing, but when it first occurred to me to do that, it saved a lot of time waiting in line at the pharmacy to pick up a few refills at once.

Speaking of waiting in line at the pharmacy, I used to always call in a refill in the morning and pick it up while getting my son from school, and there always seemed to be a long line. For some reason one day I called at night for a refill to be picked up in the morning after I dropped him off at school, and…no line. I sailed right through. So I am going to aim for morning pick-up times!
Saving time in getting prescription refills works for me. To find more tips or share something that works for you, go to Shannon’s at Rocks In My Dryer.

5 thoughts on “Works-for-Me Wednesday: Prescriptions

  1. I try to make it so that all of our prescriptions renew at about the same time. Usually the insurance company will give a little leeway on the actual renewal date. I find that making less trips per month to the drug store results in less impulse buying for me. Sometimes if you have an RX that is not fitting into the renewal cycle, you can ask for a week of samples to make it work. Doctors usually understand this reasoning.

  2. We try to refill most of our RX at the same time, too. But I love that tip about going in the morning! Since we switched pharmacies, the wait is awful, so I’ll definitely try this next time I pick up.

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