Works-For-Me Wednesday: Preparing for Errands

wfmwheader_4.jpgThis really should go without saying, but it is something I still forget to do, and it causes such frustration!

When you know you have errands to run the next day, prepare for them the night before, or at least some point before you’re getting ready to leave.

I do usually do this now, after years of not doing so and running into so many problems either getting out the door late and frustrated or forgetting what I needed til I was actually on the road. But I still forget sometimes. Recently I wanted to get a curtain rod, but didn’t have the measurements I needed before I got ready to go, so I was delayed getting out by having to stop and take the measurements and write them down. I was heading out one day to Michael’s and almost forgot the 40% off coupon they have in most Sunday papers. Argh!! Just a few minutes of thinking through what’s on the agenda and what’s needed to accomplish it and then getting everything as ready to go as possible and putting it in or near my purse ahead of time makes the errand itself so much more pleasant and peaceful.

As always, you can find a wealth of tips on Wednesdays at Rocks In My Dryer.

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