Time Travel Tuesday: Memories With Dad

The topic for this week’s Time Travel Tuesday, created and hosted by My Life as Annie, is “Memories with Dad.”

She says:

We’re traveling back to special memories of our dad’s this week.
What are some special memories or a special memory you have of/or with your dad?
Any sayings that only come from him?
Any interesting lessons you learned from your dad?

As I wrote earlier, my dad and I did not always have the best relationship. Yet I have little snapshots of pleasant memories, especially from the early years…

I remember being afraid in my bed one night, then I thought about my dad’s big knife and trusted that he could take care of any bad guys that might invade our home.

I remember him brushing my hair and commenting about how beautiful the color was.

I remember waking up in his arms one night when I had fallen asleep somewhere and he was taking me to my bed. He stopped in the hallway where my mom brushed my hair back and told me good night and they murmured those loving things parents say when their kids are asleep. I remember pretending I was still asleep because I was enjoying the moment so much. 🙂

I remember that my dad had a motor scooter at one time. When I was young, everyone in our neighborhood would come out to their front yards after dinner with lawn chairs and watch the kids play and visit with each other. My dad would sometimes take kids in the neighborhood for rides up and down the street on his scooter.

I remember that when anyone in my family had a birthday, that person got to pick the meal for dinner, and my dad always chose corned beef and cabbage.

I remember that my dad was a welder and often repaired things for friends at home. I remember him in his big protective helmet cautioning us kids not to look at the sparks the welding made or get too close.

I remember on the Fourth of July he liked to get a lot of fireworks — not the noisy kinds but the kinds that made pretty patterns in the sky.

When it comes to lessons, the one overriding lesson I earned from him was respect: respect for authority, for elders, for country. Even respect for God, in a way — he was not a believer until late in life, bet I never heard him say or do anything irreverent, and he was always respectful of preachers who stopped by.

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12 thoughts on “Time Travel Tuesday: Memories With Dad

  1. I am like you…my dad and I didn’t always have a good relationship. Or a relationship at all. It’s hard. But I think you have some fabulous memories of your dad in spite of any hardship you two may have had.

  2. Thank you for sharing your sweet memories of your Dad. It is always good to focus on the positive and count our blessings…even in the midst of difficulty. Blessings, Diane

  3. Isn’t it funny how those little gestures, those summer afternoons are so powerful as to stay in a child’s memories…Makes you think of the kind of memories we create of us for our families, too. Thank you so much for stopping by and for your thoughtful comment. I appreciate it. I had lost your url, I am glad i found your blog again. Blessings to you and your family.

  4. I read both this and your other memories of your father and of his accepting Christ with tears. Your consistent witness and love surely did so much. Bless you for sharing.

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