Works-For-Me Wednesday: Summer Actvities

wfmwheader_4.jpg This week’s Works-For-Me Wednesday is a themed one, the “Mom, I’m bored” edition where we share tips about how things our kids can do to while away the summer days.

Here are a few ideas for children or for parents to do with children — or even for adults to do on their own:

· A special Bible study project like a study of the wise man in Proverbs or all the synonyms for God’s Word in Psalm 119.

· Swim lessons

· Learn a new craft—take a class, get an instruction book and teach yourself, or ask someone to teach you.

· Work on a jigsaw puzzle as a family project.

· Run through the sprinkler.

· Water balloon fights

· Find free concerts where you can take a picnic and listen to music. One orchestra not far from here usually has concerts near a lake in the summer, and often has the 1812 Overture complete with cannon and fireworks near the Fourth of July.

· Visit museums

· Read, individually or together

· Have dinner or lunch at a park; feed the ducks; ride the paddleboats

· Listen to an audiobook while doing something else with your hands.

· Get together with friends.

· Meet a neighbor.

· Acquaint yourself with classical music. Listen together while just relaxing or doing something else with your hands. You might do some general listening or focus on one composer or era and supplement your listening with a little research on the Internet. There are some interesting stories behind some pieces like Haydn’s Surprise Symphony (No. 94) and Farewell Symphony (No. 45) and Handel’s Water Music and others.

· Work on a major project like cleaning out the attic. Involve the children. Some of the best family times are not just the vacation and fun days, but working together. It can be a fellowship time as well as a teaching and work time.

Find other workable summertime tips at Rocks In My Dryer.

10 thoughts on “Works-For-Me Wednesday: Summer Actvities

  1. I just read your entry When No one Understands. It was exactly what I needed today. It met a real need in my life. Thank you!

  2. We bought ourselves a jigsaw keeper folder ting for Christmas, so I might see about getting a fun jigsaw for the boys to work on over the summer. The ones I’ve managed to get from Freecycle are a bit traditional for by boys.

  3. Water balloon fights – yes – my boys will be clamoring for those soon – ha! Regarding the classical music, I just found a great resource at the library called “Themes to Remember.” It’s a great way to identify some of the well-known classical composers and their music.

  4. These are great ideas, Barbara!

    This is aside from the theme of the blog, I wonder how people can claim to be bored with their life when there is just so much to do and explore. Having bloggie friends like you and many others makes life more colourful and interesting. Not to mention, bursting with ideas!

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