Tell me what you think…

I’ve been getting things together for centerpieces for this ladies’ luncheon and thought I had things pretty well in hand when I realized my centerpieces were too tall. I took them to the church yesterday to try them out — and, yep, it’s right in the line of sight of the person directly across the table. A friend with me thought it was ok — they’re big round tables and you usually talk to the people around you rather than across from you because you feel like you’re shouting across. But it’s just one of those cardinal rules I learned somewhere that the centerpiece shouldn’t be so tall that you can’t see over it.

So — I spent part of yesterday hammering out a plan B, came up with a couple of possibilities, and found a smaller vase and greenery. I still think I’ll keep the big one maybe to put on the clavinova.

Here’s the big one (not in its final polished form — just put together to get an idea):


And here’s the little one with the smaller vase:


Think the smaller one looks ok?

The theme, by the way, is “The Heart of the Matter” from I Peter 3:3-4: “Whose adorning…let it be the hidden man of the heart.”

5 thoughts on “Tell me what you think…

  1. Thanks. 🙂 Some of us got together at church a couple of evenings and made the hearts out of scrapbooking paper. It was fun — and in a group like that you get ideas from each other.

  2. Love the hearts, Barbara! The smaller vase looks good; more greens sticking out from the side would be perfect… Maybe they already do, but I can’t really see them because of the lighting. 🙂

  3. I am 63 and retired after 3X bypass and a stroke. My younger brother died unexpectedly on Nov 12. “”, Ken Boelcke. Since I am home now I had time to go through boxes of “stuff”. I found an audio tape of my fathers funeral in 1985. My brother gave the eulogy and recited this Paul Harvey message on fathers. It was a bit unclear so I wanted the words to share with my sisters. Thanks very much.

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