New book about Dallas and Kay Washer

For those of you who are familiar with Dallas and Kay Washer and their missionary work in Togo, Africa, I just found out tonight that there is a new book hot off the press by Kay about their lives called One Candle to Burn. The title comes from the saying by John Keith Falconer which Dal had inscribed on the flyleaf of his Bible, “I have but one candle of life to burn, and would rather burn it out where people are dying in darkness than in a land which is flooded with light.”

Dallas passed away many years ago. They had always thought that he would be the one to wrote a book, but when the Lord took him home, Kay knew that she needed to be the one to tell their story. I never met Dal, but he is almost legend around these parts. 🙂 Kay has spoken to our ladies at church a couple of times, I think. I always enjoy hearing her and I am so glad to see this book. As much as I love the missionary classics, I believe it is incredibly important for missionaries of our time to record what the Lord has done. The same God who worked through Hudson Taylor and Amy Carmichael is still at work today!

The book is published by ABWE. I was blessed to get a copy tonight because some of their family members go to our church and had some with them. 🙂

4 thoughts on “New book about Dallas and Kay Washer

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  2. I’m sure it will be interesting and encouraging. I can remember first hearing the Washers speak at my home church in Virginia when I was just a young teen. That’s been quite awhile ago! Thanks for letting us know about the book. I’ll be looking for it.

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