I wonder if this kind of thing ever happens to Emeril…

Somehow I don’t think so.

I was making chicken teriyaki for Sunday dinner and thinking that it’s pretty easy to make and wondering why I didn’t think of making it more often.

The last stage of preparing it calls for you to mix a little cornstarch with some cool water, then pour it into the chicken and soy sauce mixture, and stir for just a little while until the sauce thickens. It usually only takes a few seconds for the sauce to get to just the right consistency.

So I poured my concoction in and, instead of the gently, slowly thickening sauce, POOF — a foamy mess instantly formed and rose almost to overflow the pan. I thought, “What in the world….???” as I took the pan over to the sink to skim off the foam.

Then I realized….I had used baking soda instead of cornstarch.

If I had been really smart I would have called my kids in for a teachable moment in chemistry. When we discussed it later and my husband was explaining to them that the baking soda reacted to something in the soy sauce, my oldest said, “Just like those little volcanoes we used to make for science class.”

Yep. Neat for volcanoes. Not so good for dinner.

When I told my husband what happened (and yes, he laughed, and I can’t blame him), he came upstairs to look at it. By that time the bubbles had died down. He stirred and tasted it a little and said he thought it was ok to still use. I thought it might taste too salty, but it seemed ok. I had heard you could add a potato to soups and stews to counteract excess salt, but this was ready-to-serve except for the sauce, so I didn’t know if that would work. I didn’t have any more soy sauce to make new sauce, so I just added the right cornstarch and water concoction this time. It looked fine. It smelled terrible. It tasted way, way salty. None of us could finish our serving.

It took two tall glasses of iced tea to begin to relieve the salty feeling in my mouth. It might have helped if my tea had been sweetened.

It’s a good thing none of us is on a low sodium diet.

10 thoughts on “I wonder if this kind of thing ever happens to Emeril…

  1. Barbara, Barbara, Barbara! I about died laughing when I read this! LOL You poor thing! I’ve had my share of cooking foibles, believe me! It’s just a part of life, hm? I’m just thankful it doesn’t happy very often, aren’t you? ((HUGS))

  2. Oh no! I’ve done similar things a few times. The last time, I used wax paper to line my cookie sheet by accident instead of parchment paper. Oh the smell that melting wax paper left 😦

  3. Barbara, you know you are not alone. I had a disaster in the kitchen just last week. Could you post the CORRECT recipe for your chicken teriyaki? It sounds like it would be yummy, and easy sounds wonderful! Thanks!

  4. I feel your pain…….this past Christmas I was making my famous butterball cookies for my husband for the first time. He was keeping me company in the kitchen while I added together all the dry ingredients…..flour, sugar, salt & baking powder. I then realized I added twice the flour. Everything was white so I couldn’t very well scoop some out. I dumped it and started over…..flour, sugar, salt & baking powder. Wait….did I add the baking powder? Or was that the salt? I ended up dumping it all out THREE TIMES!!!! Definitely not one of my finer moments. Good thing they love us! 🙂

  5. Oh dearie… LOLOL. Sorry to hear about your dinner. Chances of that happening to me is very slim because… I DON’T COOK! I don’t know how to and possibly will not learn how to. Hmm…

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