Works For Me Wednesday: Emergency Lighting

wfmwheader_4.jpg Our power doesn’t go out real often, but it does often enough that we keep some supplies handy to deal with it.

Our bathroom has no windows and no other light source without electricity. Recently when our power went out before I had taken my shower, I got out this little battery-operated lantern. We had originally gotten it for camping but for some reason it was still in the house rather than out in the shed with the other camping equipment.

Battery-operated lantern

My husband also had the little touch-operated light next to it and put it on the wall above the shower. Both helped greatly! And both would also be useful for children’s room or for going from room to room. You wouldn’t want to leave them on all evening and run the batteries down: candles or an oil lamp up where little ones can’t reach them would be better for general room lighting over a long period. But when you need lighting for a short time, or in a small space where it wouldn’t be safe to use candles, or around children, these are great.

The lantern can be found in stores with camping equipment (this one came from Wal-mart): the push-button light can be found with with light bulbs (I don’t know where this one was purchased, but I have found similar ones at Home Depot).

Another power outage lighting tip: I used to have a flashlight in many rooms in case the power went out, but then we often couldn’t remember where they were. I finally gathered all the flashlights and candles together in labeled storage boxes in one closet.

Candles and flashlights

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7 thoughts on “Works For Me Wednesday: Emergency Lighting

  1. We also keep all of our power out stuff together where we can easily find it, especially when the lights go out in the dark. I like the battery powered lamp. Perfect for the restroom!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  2. The last time our power went out, all I did was scramble in the dark for both flashlights and candles. Your tip is a necessary one. I need to get to work on the organizing of emergency lighting.

  3. My mother had one of the battery operated lamps right by her bedside in case of power outages, which was important as she was disabled and not very mobile at all. Me? I keep a dependable flashlight right beneath the kitchen sink which is only about 7 or 8 feet from my bedside. Also, I have a solar-powered flashlight that I keep in the kitchen window, which is really handy!

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