Thursday Thirteen #35: Love or hate?

I haven’t done a Thursday Thirteen in a long time — just got too busy — but an idea for one came to me a little while ago when I put a smiley face in a comment and then remembered some people didn’t like them. That led me to a series of things to ask about: do you love or hate these things? Why?

I’ll give my answers in the first comment.

Love or hate?

1. Emoticons πŸ™‚ 😦 😳 πŸ™„

2. Music on blogs

3. Ads on blogs

4. Mornings

5. Chocolate

6. Miracle Whip

7. Classical music

8. Pickles

9. Road trips

10. Accordions

11. News about celebrities

12. Election years

13. Bugs

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21 thoughts on “Thursday Thirteen #35: Love or hate?

  1. 1. I like them in moderation. πŸ˜€
    2. Don’t really like it, though I have found a CD I really liked from someone’s blog music.
    3. Don’t really like them though I can tolerate them if they’re not moving or flashing and they don’t hold up the page loading.
    4. I’m not naturally a morning person, but when I am up and around and out, I enjoy it. It’s so peaceful and quiet.
    5. Love it!
    6. I started a thread on a message board once called “Miracle Whip or Mayo?” that grew quite spirited. I never knew people were so passionate about their condiments. I prefer Miracle Whip to mayonnaise.
    7. All classical music is not created equal. I dearly love some of it and hate some of it.
    8. Bleah.
    9. I don’t travel well. It does something to my stomach.
    10. Augh!! I heard an accordion trio once. Triple augh!!
    11. I enjoy an occasional interview, like that with Princess Diana’s sons recently, but I don’t think who’s had a meltdown or who’s adopted a new child or who’s been arrested for DUI belongs on the evening news and I get tired of it.
    12. Hate! Though I do think it is important to vote. I just hate all the ads and posturing.
    13. As long as they stay out of my house and off of me we can peacefully coexist.

  2. 1. Emoticons, when I take time to use them ;0)

    2. Music on blogs, if it’s music I like of course!!

    3. Ads on blogs, not sure on this one. I’ve been considering looking into getting paid by doing it on my own so…………

    4. Mornings NO

    5. Chocolate ABSOLUTELY

    6. Miracle Whip, I prefer the real thing…mayo

    7. Classical music, not really

    8. Pickles…another fave of mine!

    9. Road trips, oh yea, I love to travel!!

    10. Accordions, not really.

    11. News about celebrities, I ignore all that stuff.

    12. Election years, I hate all the back stabbing ads and the debates taking over my normal shows, that is all I have to say about that.

    13. Bugs..I can do without them πŸ˜‰

    Mine is up, house hunting related!

  3. 1. Emoticons–sometimes. But sometimes they are just plain annoying. ;P

    2. Music on blogs–again, sometimes. If it’s my taste in music cool. But some music is just crap.

    3. Ads on blogs–hate them but I guess they’re a necessary evil.

    4. Mornings–when it starts at 10 am I love it!

    5. Chocolate–love, Love, LOVE it!

    6. Miracle Whip–better than Mayo but I’m a mustard gal.

    7. Classical music–love it….bring on the Mozart.

    8. Pickles–LOVE Sweet but Dill is good too.

    9. Road trips–Hate them. But love to get where I’m going. UGH those public toilets.

    10. Accordions–I love them in the garbage can.

    11. News about celebrities–Okay, love and hate it…It’s a sickness!!!

    12. Election years–hate, Hate, HATE!!

    13. Bugs–They’re just fine…outside.

    This was fun. Thanks!

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  5. 1.I hate the moving ones.

    2. Hate it, especially since I work n the same room as my husband and he is VERY picky about the music that palys.

    3. They don’t bother me though I hate it when they are inside the text and you can’t tell or the flashy ones.
    4. I like my morning quiet.

    5. Everyday.

    6. Never

    7. I love it but prefer Jazz, swing, or blues.

    8. Love them (my husband once brpought me a jar of pickles instead of flowers when we were dating.

    9. Love them.
    10. Had one growing up and am of Polish decent–I have to like them at least a little bit. πŸ™‚

    11. I hate the news period but especially celebrities. Ick.

    12. Same with the above.

    13. I like them OUTSIDE.

  6. 1 Emoticons – Love them!

    2. Music on blogs- Annoying

    3. Ads on blogs- I ignore them

    4. Mornings: Love, Glad I am alive

    5. Chocolate- LOVE!!!

    6. Miracle Whip; Neutral

    7. Classical music: Depends on the group

    8. Pickles: Sweet ones

    9. Road trips :Totally depends on who you are traveling with!

    10. Accordions: AUGH!!!! πŸ˜›

    11. News about celebrities: Hate

    12. Election years: Snooooooore

    13. Bugs :What kind? Ants,Bees and Mosquitoes are not on my love list.

    Awesome Thursday13. A two thumbs up!

  7. 1. emoticons are fine. I don’t use them unless they are in a comment box like this, though.
    2. Music on blogs always scares me when it comes on. It’s okay if it is something you can select, though.
    3. Ads on blogs; I don’t mind. Sometimes I click, most of the time I ignore.
    4. Mornings are the BEST
    5. Dark chocolate is a vital part of every day.
    6. Miracle whip is a NON-food
    7. Classical Rock? πŸ™‚
    8. Pickles; rarely, but I do like cooking with dill strangely enough
    9. Road Trips: Short is better, but only if I am with my man
    0 Accordions: uh, no.
    11. Celeb news; I would hate it if someone violated my privacy like that, so I don’t read it.
    12. Election years; Other than all the clatter and junk mail, I don’t mind them. Too bad this one is lasting so long!
    13. Bugs: of the insect variety: fun to watch, nasty to touch; must be out and not in;
    of the health variety: NO WAY of the computer variety: EEEK!
    That was a fun TT!

  8. GREAT idea!! I’ll give my answers first, before I read all the others in comments. Just so I won’t be influenced. THANKS FOR THE VISIT TODAY.

    Love or hate?

    1. Emoticons πŸ™‚ 😦 😳 πŸ™„ [they’re okay…some are cute]

    2. Music on blogs [depends on the music….I usually have my speakers off anyway]

    3. Ads on blogs [NO!!! I would say no, I don’t like it]

    4. Mornings [LOVE…favorite time of day for me]

    5. Chocolate [Love AND Hate….tastes yummy…BUT puts on pounds and affects my sleep patterns]

    6. Miracle Whip [Yummy!!]

    7. Classical music [LOVE]

    8. Pickles [LOVE]

    9. Road trips [more or less, dislike…I don’t hate ’em per se, but don’t love ’em either]

    10. Accordions [NOPE….too ‘hicksville’]

    11. News about celebrities [some okay….but most times it’s over-saturated news]

    12. Election years [A POSSITVE NEGATIVE!!!!]

    13. Bugs [NO…except for lady bugs and butterflies]

  9. What a great idea!

    1. Emoticons: some are cute but I never use them
    2. Music on blogs: hate to say it but I hate it.
    3. Ads on blogs: I basically totally ignore but hate them when they slow down the loading of the page
    4. Mornings: not an early riser
    5. Chocolate: love it
    6. Miracle whip: love it on certain things.
    7. Classical music: love
    8. Pickles: love dills, polski’s; hate sweet pickles
    9. Road trips: love them
    10. Accordions: don’t hate them but don’t love them either!
    11. News about celebs: for the most part hate
    12. Election years: Uhm, thankful I get to vote?!
    13. Bugs: HATE!!!!

  10. Okay, here goes.
    1. okay in moderation
    2. usually don’t care for it
    3. don’t care unless they are slowing me up or jumping
    4. like them once I am up
    5. I love chocolate
    6. mayonnaise for me
    7. like most classical music
    8. Pickles are good in moderation
    9. love road trips
    10. I own an accordion. my cousins play well
    11. hate news of celebrities when they go on and on
    12. hate the signage and ads and tv programming in election years
    13. bugs-some are okay, some not so much
    Happy TT.

  11. 1. Emoticons – they are a bit overrated

    2. Music on blogs – like except if they slow down the blog

    3. Ads on blogs – I have some…when it’s the whole blog long though it can get old

    4. Mornings – don’t do them

    5. Chocolate – are you kidding me? (I say with a chocolate ring around my mouth!)

    6. Miracle Whip – Love it!

    7. Classical music – When I’m in the mood

    8. Pickles – Dill Klausic

    9. Road trips – Too old for them

    10. Accordions – No feeling

    11. News about celebrities – Guilty pleasure

    12. Election years – Is hate too strong a word? No, defintiely not.

    13. Bugs – AAAACK!!

  12. 1. When used in moderation
    2. If it’s music I like
    3. hate most of the ads
    4. depends on the plans for the day
    5. love it
    6. only on cheese and lettuce sandwiches…and those
    only rarely
    7. sometimes…depends on the instruments being played
    and the piece
    8. neither love nor hate pickles
    9. love road trips
    10. Love accordion music if it’s soft, French cafe style
    11. I am a definite people watcher…but most of the time
    it’s waaay tmi!
    12. hate all the lies and mess
    13. definitely not a bug fan!

    Fun TT…thanks for doing this πŸ™‚

  13. . Emoticons – Not too much…

    2. Music on blogs – Depends on the music πŸ™‚

    3. Ads on blogs – nopes, never did… dunno why :S

    4. Mornings – Don’t like waking up πŸ˜›

    5. Chocolate – Oh my godddd! Love them

    6. Miracle Whip – huh?

    7. Classical music – Yeah, it kinda makes me relax

    8. Pickles – Hmmm… somtimes…

    9. Road trips – Oh yeah!!!!!!

    10. Accordions – not too much

    11. News about celebrities – Nopes. i dont have time for this

    12. Election years – Nah, they are all lying

    13. Bugs – Creepy
    13. Bugs

  14. 1. Emoticons – yes on forums – no on my blog

    2. Music on blogs- depends if I like the music

    3. Ads on blogs- no

    4. Mornings- as long as they start a bit later

    5. Chocolate- love it

    6. Miracle Whip- mayo

    7. Classical music- some

    8. Pickles- love especially in the middle of a big mac

    9. Road trips- get car sick – i like it when i arrive

    10. Accordions- nope

    11. News about celebrities- boring

    12. Election years- hate

    13. Bugs- dont mind- well except wasps they are satans minions – honest

  15. 1. If only one or two is used its ok. I have seen some people use one with every sentence. That just gets annoying.
    2. Music is nice if it doesn’t keep endlessly looping. Also if it doesn’t restart each time you change pages on the blog. That happened to me the other day and I refuse to go back there again. There wasn’t even a way to control it.
    3. I just ignore them unless they block parts of the text.
    4. I hate mornings. That is why I chose a job where I don’t have to be at work until 11:30am. It doesn’t really feel like morning by that time.
    5. Its addicting and dangerous stuff. I love it.
    6. Nope!! I don’t like that or mayo. They are both nasty.
    7. I enjoy classical music. Its nice and relaxing to me. People look at me strange since the majority of the music I listen to is goth or rock. Then they see the classical music CDs and really start wondering about me.
    8. I love pickles. As a kid, I would sit in front of the TV watching the Saturday morning cartoons and eating nothing but pickles all day.
    9. I love road trips. I very rarely have the time for them though.
    10. I hate them.
    11. I am so sick of it.
    12. Definitely hate. The ads drive me nuts.
    13. Yuck! Down here in Florida we have cockroaches the size of city buses!!

  16. Interesting meme, Barbara! Here’s my take:

    Emoticons LOVE when used sparingly and Hate when overdone.

    Music on blogs Hate

    Ads on blogs Hate hate hate

    Mornings LOVE, especially while on vacation surrounded by beauty

    Chocolate LOVE, especially the bittersweet ones.

    Miracle Whip Hate

    Classical music LOVE

    Pickles Hate

    Road trips LOVE

    Accordions Love and hate, depending on situation.

    News about celebrities Hate and I have better things to read.

    Election years Hate and I’ve never voted… maybe I should start this year.

    Bugs: Hate EXCEPT for the cute ladybug.

  17. 1. Emoticons — Irritating and sometimes sickly cute
    2. Music on blogs — Often intrusive if Iβ€˜m listening to something else as I surf.
    3. Ads on blogs — I tend to ignore them. I have never clicked on one, ever.
    4. Mornings — No
    5. Chocolate — From time to time
    6. Miracle Whip — Not really
    7. Classical music — There’s such a wealth to choose from. I love some, dislike some.
    8. Pickles — Hate them! Completely uneatable.
    9. Road trips — Depends if I want to go to where we’re going!
    10. Accordions — Indifferent.
    11. News about celebrities — I couldnβ€˜t care less about those overpaid nonentities.
    12. Election years — Sordid auctions
    13. Bugs — No problem, as long as they keep their distance.

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