Photo meme

I found this fun-looking meme at Gabi’s World and Mindless Chatter of a Busy Mom.

Here are the rules:
Type the answer to each question into Google Image Search. Then, pick an image from the 1st page of results.

1. Age at next birthday


2. Place I’d like to travel



3. Favorite place:


4. Favorite objects


5. Favorite food




6. Favorite color:






7. Nickname

Growing up I was


but now I’m


8. Place you were born


Let me know if you’d like to do this, too, so I can see what you come up with.

6 thoughts on “Photo meme

  1. Looks like fun but a lot of work.

    Red Hat Society was started for ladies 50 & older but they allow under 50. Ladies over 50 wear the red hat and purple outfit. Ladies under 50 wear lavender and a pink hat.
    T*mmy over at is a pink lady. She writes about her gals all the time. I love to wear hats and red is my favorite color so I thought it was a great idea. I started a chapter before my exile. We had only begun and when I moved no one picked up the ball so it fizzled out.
    The one I belong to here is made up of mostly older ladies who have trouble getting around or just plain don’t want to do much. I’m thinking of finding a younger group.
    Look it up online and find a chapter near you. That is what I did here when I moved. Lots of luck. It’s fun.

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