Time Travel Tuesday: 2013

My Life as Annie’s weekly Time Travel Tuesday looks ahead this week:

Where do you see yourself in five years? Will you be living where you live now? What’s going on in your life five years from now???

Five years from now my kids will be 28, 25, and my baby will be 19. I can hardly believe it!! The older two will likely have moved from home, probably will be married, and may even have a child or two by then. Jesse will be in college. So we’ll be well on our way to an empty nest.

It’s funny that I looked forward to an empty nest when my kids were little and I was sometimes overwhelmed, but over the last several years I have been dreading it. It’s not that I won’t have plenty of things to occupy my time and attention, but I just can’t imagine missing them as much as I know I will.  It will be sad that part of my primary occupation will be over.

But….that’s how life is supposed to go. And I am looking forward to new phases of marriage and grandchildren. Since I have been living with all males for 28 years, it will be nice to have some females around when my guys marry. And I am so excited about having grandchildren some day that I can hardly stand it!

I have no idea where we’ll be living. We’ve learned long ago that, with corporate takeovers and buy-outs, closings and downsizings, the days of a lifelong career with one company seem to be over, so who knows what will happen with my husband’s job in the next years. I do love this area and hope we can stay in the southeast. But I do hope to be moved from this particular house. Though we’ve improved it from what it was when we first moved in, there are some problems with the layout, particularly in the kitchen/dining area, which can’t be overcome without a lot of money and time and trouble. And I’d like a home with a little more space around it.

In five years I’ll be 55. I can hardly believe that, either!! I hope to be in better shape and at a lesser weight than I am now: I’ve started taking baby steps that direction in the last few months. I will probably still be doing much of what I am now: being a homemaker, reading, blogging, helping with the ladies’ ministry at church, hopefully doing more writing.

Thanks, Annie, for this opportunity to stop and look ahead a little. The next few years are sure to be quite eventful! I am thankful that the Lord knows what is ahead and has promised to be with us every step of the way.

8 thoughts on “Time Travel Tuesday: 2013

  1. When I first saw 2013 I thought “Wow that is really far in the future”. When I realized it’s only 5 years away that blew me away. I always thought we’d all be living like the Jetsons by 2013:) I enjoyed reading your Time Travel. Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Seems like 2003 was yesterday! I look forward to the future, but was telling Matt this morning … January is already half over. I want to breath in each and every day! I love January!

  3. My emotions concerning the empty nest mirror yours to a T…what once held some appeal now isn’t really appealing at all!
    I enjoyed your post…we have a lot in common 🙂
    I forgot to add that I hope to finally have gotten this weight off once and for all!

  4. It’s so fun to know that our kids are about the same ages! In five years mine will be 28, 25, and 17. It is SO WONDERFUL to have a daughter in law! I love mine, and I’m sure you’ll love yours! Thanks for sharing… this was so enjoyable to read! 🙂

  5. It’s amazing that our thoughts on the empty nest are so similar! LOL When my children were little, there were times when I thought I couldn’t wait till they were on their own. Now, I cry over Sam going back to college – and he’s just the first one to leave my nest! And like you, I look forward to daughters-in-law and **grandchildren**!!!!! Oh, and one son-in-law! 😉 My kids and hubby think I’m a nut for looking forward already to being a grandmother! LOL

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