Time Travel Tuesday: High School Graduation

timetraveltuesday.gifAnnie created and hosts Time Travel Tuesday each week with a question about our past. It’s a lot of fun! Click on the button to join in.

The topic today is high school graduation:

It’s that time of year… graduation! Which made this week’s time travel theme very easy to decide. So, what do you remember about graduating from high school? Was there anything special about the actual ceremony you remember? What did you do after graduation?

I don’t remember many of the details. I graduated in 1975 — over 30 years ago! 😮 There were 8 in our class. I was the valedictorian, so I had to give a speech (scary!) which I think was probably very dull to the poor listeners, to judge by their reactions. Bud Bierman spoke, for those who know him. He had been in my pastor’s former youth group many years before. They did tape everything but something didn’t work right, so we didn’t get copies.

I can’t remember specifically what we did afterward. but the usual thing after graduations was to all go out to a restaurant. People didn’t really have receptions then, at least among people I knew.

Of the graduation presents I remember, my mom gave me several things I would need for college (towels, etc.) and my boyfriend at the time gave me luggage to take stuff to college in. I think several people gave money, which was probably saved for college. 🙂

I wore a long red and white checked dress (must have been before I decided I didn’t like red) that had lace short sleeves and a lace inset at the bodice with lace around a square neckline (which I tried to iron one time — just a little bit of lace sticking up — while it was on. Dumb move!!! 😳 Thankfully it wasn’t this night.)

Here is a picture of my dad and I after the ceremony:

And here are a couple of my senior portraits:

Senior portrait

Senior portrait

I don’t really like my expressions there, but I had gone to the studio our school was using alone and felt very stiff and uncomfortable. I should have gone with one of the other girls — it would have been a lot more fun! Senior portraits have come a long way since these days, though!

I do remember being very excited at reaching that milestone!

How about you?

10 thoughts on “Time Travel Tuesday: High School Graduation

  1. Wow, Barbara! You were a real 70’s girl! With the long straight hair and all. I love the pics. Thanks so much for sharing! I’ll have to get some of mine out……egads!……and post them on my blog.

  2. How cool that you were Valedictorian, except for having to give a speech, yikes! I can’t imagine such a small class, since mine was 100 times larger…crazy! I don’t remember doing anything after the ceremony. I probably just went to get a treat with my boyfriend (now my husband)!

    Your pictures are so pretty! 🙂

  3. My dad graduated in 1970 my mom in 1972.. I graduated in 1991 I wore a long white dress under my red grown with my red cap. I’ll have to pull out pictures one day but right now I’m too busy to bug with it..
    I loved all your pictures..

  4. What a pretty girl! I graduated in 1978, so I’ll have my 30th reunion this summer.

    I just read portions from your Stray Thoughts blog. I am so sorry you have TM. I have not heard of this before. You have such faith and hope in our Lord, and it blessed me to read about your life. This is one more example to me that every problem is an opportunity for our faith to grow and for us to trust. This life is so short and we will have new bodies. It is still hard to cope, I am sure with whatever ails a body though. Our faith is worth more than gold to the Lord and I want to trust Him and build this faith and walk ever closer, so I can glorify Him.

    Barbara, Will your condition stay as it is? or will it change over time? Have you had to change your diet? I have had one or two numb sensations in the past five years, that only lasted a short time. I have not been worried, but thought I should tell my doctor. The numbness only lasted less than an hour. Thank you for sharing your story, and God bless you.


  5. Thanks, Kathi!

    I had the most improvement within the first six months after TM and a few more since then. I think the thinking is that after a years (or was it 2?) then you’re pretty much left with the condition as is. I know so many people with TM in wheelchairs or in constant pain — I am so glad I can function as well as I can.

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