15 thoughts on “Why….

  1. Well, I’m not an expert. It looks like there might be too much liquid. Are you using a liquid measure for the liquids and a solid measure for the dry. It does make a difference. The other thing is the thermostat on the oven or whether it is level. I think all these things could affect the m this way. Just suggestions.

  2. I have no cake-baking wisdom to share, Barbara, but I feel your pain. The cake my husband requests every year for his birthday has earned the nickname around here of “the ugly cake.” As in, “Are we having the ugly cake again?”

  3. It still looks yummy. I bet it tasted good. Just cut the bubble off with a good knife and frost and eat it anyway. LOL That’s what I would do. No one will know the difference right?

  4. I think it’s due to uneven heating. The portion that is closest (i.e. touching) the pan is going to heat up and get cooked first compared to the portion in the middle. I think that happens to especially metal pans. I don’t know if you are using metal pans…

    Stoneware pans might help with the situation.

    Thanks for the kind comment you have left regarding my quilt… I can’t wait to get it done! 🙂

  5. Aw, thanks hon (Jim). 🙂

    Thanks all for the ideas. I been suspicious of the temperature accuracy for a while now: I guess the first thing to do would be to buy an oven thermometer and check that out.

  6. I actually did a post, with photos, on this very thing, back in September 2007. It has to do with the type pan you’re using and adjusting the temperature and baking time. You can see the answer here.

    My cakes always did this and then I read the fine print on the cake mix box. Now my cakes come out perfectly round on top. Yours will too. 🙂

  7. OK, I just clicked on the link I left in that comment and it didn’t take me back to my post about perfect cakes.

    So if you have time, you can go into my archives and look at the post called, “It helps if you follow the directions,” dated September 27th, 2007.

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