Poetry Friday: Richard Armour

This is almost a repost: I wrote about Richard Armour about a year and a half ago, but I wanted to share these for Poetry Friday.

Some years ago I came across a poem by Richard Armour in a book that was a collection of quotes and poems about home and family. I just loved his poem — it was both sweet and funny. I began to research to try to find out more about Amour and to find the book this poem came from. It turns out he was a prolific writer who used to have a newspaper column called “Armour’s Armory.” He’s written about home and family, history, Shakespeare, and a lot of other topics. Unfortunately most of his books appear to be out of print, but fortunately you can find many at amazon.com for a dollar or two plus shipping.

I did finally find the poem I was seeking in The Spouse in the House. The book jacket calls his verse “playful” and “human as well as humorous.”

Here’s the poem that first intrigued me and started my search:


A splendid team, my wife and I:
She washes dishes, and I dry.
I sometimes pass her back a dish
To give another cleansing swish.
She sometimes holds up to the light
A glass I haven’t dried just right.
But mostly there is no complaint,
Or it is courteous and faint,
For I would never care to see
The washing job consigned to me,
And though the things I dry still drip,
She keeps me for companionship.

Here’s another:

Down the Tube

I’ve seen my wife with anger burn
At something that I never learn:
The toothpaste tube I squeeze and bend
At top and middle, not the end.

She scolds me, pointing out my error,
Makes use of scorn and taunts and terror,
But I forget and go on squeezing
The toothpaste tube in ways displeasing.

In larger things we are convivial:
What causes trouble is the trivial.

And here is a third relating to marriage:

Well, Come In

You can have your Welcome mats.
I ask for just a little more
When I come home from work, and that’s
A Welcome mate inside my door.

Big A Little a for the Poetry Friday roundup today.

3 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: Richard Armour

  1. These are really clever poems. Fun.

    Thanks for stopping by today – I think whatever you decide to do with the curtains will be lovely and I look forward to seeing the finished product.

  2. Great inspirational poems that describe a good relationship!
    If this is your way of looking at your relationship, you’re a great team.

    Slightly sidetracking…


    I would like to share with you a brief inspiration from a little poem by the English poet William Blake. I have entitled it “Inspiration”. At the moment I do not recall from which poem this little excerpt arrives but that this excerpt was on a little card that was given to me in the 1960’s depicting a young man standing on a hilltop or cliff overlooking the ocean. It reads as follows: ” To see a world in a grain of sand, And a heaven in a wild flower; Hold infinity in the palm of your hand, And eternity in an hour.”

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