Creativity Test

I saw this over at Janet‘s.

My results were:

Left Brain Right Brain
53% 47%

You are more left-brained than right-brained. Your left brain controls the right side of your body. In addition to being known as left-brained, you are also known as a critical thinker who uses logic and sense to collect information. You are able to retain this information through the use of numbers, words, and symbols. You usually only see parts of the “whole” picture, but this is what guides you step-by-step in a logical manner to your conclusion. Concise words, numerical and written formulas and technological systems are often forms of expression for you. Some occupations usually held by a left-brained person include a lab scientist, banker, judge, lawyer, mathematician, librarian, and skating judge.

I knew I’d be more left-brained, but I was surprised and pleased that the two sides were so close in score. Janet‘s scores were similar and she wondered if that meant the two sides would cancel each other out. I told her it meant our brains were ambidextrous. 🙂

It is odd that the results mention numbers, because on any question involving numbers I marked the lowest possible answer. I am not good with numbers. I easily lose my place just in counting, and when adding things up I usually have to do so several times to get the same answer twice.

I can’t see myself in any of those professions except librarian: I worked in a college library for four years while in school. As an adult I wouldn’t have minded a part-time job in a library except that the ones I have checked on required degrees in library science.

But other than that I think this paragraph and the rest of the evaluation are pretty right on.

I liked that the test said, “Being creative or artistic doesn’t mean you know how to draw or play an instrument. Being creative is a way of thinking, a way of viewing the world.”

You can find the test here or by clicking the graphic above. Let me know how you scored!

5 thoughts on “Creativity Test

  1. I was Left 44%, Right 56% — I knew I’d be more on the creative side! I just thought the results would be much more drastic! Like you, I was sort of relieved to find a bit of balance there!

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