Works For Me Wednesday: Leftover Rice

I haven’t done a WFMW in a while, having run through my whole repertoire of tips long ago. But when I was making lunch today I realized I had an unshared tip I could share.

The condensed version: leftover rice can be frozen.

What would you use frozen rice in? Well, I often make canned soups for lunch in the winter when I am eating alone, but most of them are too soupy for me, so I like to add a bit of leftover rice or some frozen corn or leftover tomato soup, etc. I especially like adding the leftover rice but didn’t always have any on hand when making soup. And when I had leftover rice on hand it often grew green fuzzies in the frig because I had other plans for lunch. So once I put some leftover rice in a plastic zipped bag in the freezer, then took it out and microwaved it about 20-30 seconds, just enough to loosen it up from the solidness it freezes into, added it into my soup, and it worked beautifully.

Now I often make a little extra rice in order to have some leftover to freeze.

You could also mix it in a bit of leftover casserole or cover it with a little leftover gravy.

You can find Works For Me Wednesday most weeks at Rocks In My Dryer.

6 thoughts on “Works For Me Wednesday: Leftover Rice

  1. This is a good idea. I don’t usually have any leftover rice. One thiing that came to mind: Honey Bear likes to eat those
    frozen Asian dinners that come in a box when he is on the road. He says that he needs extra rice with them so he microwaves the boil in the bag. He gets so tired of eating out alone so usually picks up something to eat in the room. He likes to stay in suites that have a small kitchen.

  2. You could make a quick stir-fry, too! First, fry an egg in a little butter or oil (I like sesame oil mixed with canola). Take the egg out of the pan and add your rice with some leftover vegetables, and meat if you want. Splash on a little soy sauce. Cook until it’s all warmed up, then throw the egg back in and voila…lunch!

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