How did I miss National Chocolate Day

…on October 28? My gastronomical first love! I’ll just have to have a belated celebration with something chocolate…besides the Halloween candy I bought this morning.

I was first alerted to this special day by The Common Room who linked to a recipe for Dangerous Chocolate Cake in a Mug at Life In a Shoe. As I said there, it sound perfect when you’re craving something chocolate but don’t want a whole panful of brownies to tempt you to have more. I need to try it!

(Photo courtesy of the stock xchng.)

4 thoughts on “How did I miss National Chocolate Day

  1. I don’t know how I missed it either, though my husband is the chocaholic around here. Have you seen the recipe for smores (I don’t know where I originally saw it) using the “English” chocolate biscuits and top with marshmallows then cook in the microwave until the marshmallows grow? I used mini marshmallows but I’m sure the big ones would work too. Oh my goodness, very very delicious!! 🙂

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