Turkey Bone Soup

A couple of commenters on my Thanksgiving Meme post yesterday asked about Turkey Bone Soup. I don’t have a recipe per se — it’s one of those “toss in whatever you like” dishes. But here is what I do.

After Thanksgiving dinner wrap the turkey carcass in plastic wrap until you are ready to make soup. If you are going to make it in a couple of days, you can store it in the refrigerator: if it will be longer than that put it in the freezer.

When ready put the turkey carcass in a Dutch oven or large soup pan, cover with water, and simmer about 45 minutes to 1 hour. Remove the bones and pour the contents of the pan through a strainer into another pan or bowl. Then add rice or noodles, vegetables, and small bits of turkey to the broth and simmer til rice or noodles are done and all is heated through. I usually add rice, a can of Veg-all or frozen mixed vegetables, salt, pepper, minced onion, and garlic powder (and sometimes, if the stock isn’t flavored as much as I’d like, a bit of instant chicken bullion). Sometimes I’ll also add other leftover vegetables. You can use fresh vegetables, of course — just allow more time for them to cook and hold off adding the rice or noodles for a little while so they don’t get too soggy.

I just did a quick search for Turkey Bone Soup and found several that were very similar using anything from cabbage to carrots and potatoes, and one advocated adding a bay leaf.

Sorry not to be more exact! I’ve gotten used to my pan and about how much to add in.

This is one of my all-time favorite soups and one of my favorite ways to use leftover turkey. I wish I had a nice picture: maybe I’ll take one this year.

Giving Thanks I am linking this to Kelli’s Week of Giving Thanks at There’s No Place Like Home — a festival of Thanksgiving posts — poems, quotes, decorations, crafts, recipes, etc.

23 thoughts on “Turkey Bone Soup

  1. I always make soup out of the turkey bones and carcass. One of my favorite things about the day after Thanksgiving and all that overeating is a nice comforting bowl of turkey soup!

    • Do you have to remove the turkey bone and strain it right away after the soup has cooked. This is christmas and we put the bone in a pot with water and let it cook for about an hour.

  2. I don’t think soup should ever require exact amounts, measurements, or ingredients. The very nature of soup is that we use up what we have on hand, and use time and care to make it taste the best it can. I bet yours tastes great 🙂

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  4. everyone LOVES SOUP!

    I’m making some now with leeks, carrots, corn, turkey potatoes and a couple of garlic cloves.

    Soup by its very nature, is an inexact science. Do not constrain your soupy goodness by petty measurements! 😉

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  6. We just had turkey last night. I never use an exact recipe either. I was just looking for some basic ingredients which you provided. Thanks

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