Blue Monday: Jewelry

Smiling Sally hosts a Blue Monday in which we can post about anything blue — pretty, ugly, serious or funny — and then link up to other Blue Monday participants.

I thought today I would show a couple of pieces of jewelry I have with blue. In fact, I think this is the only jewelry I have with blue, which is a little odd considering I’ve had a lot of blue clothes over the years.

I’m not real big into jewelry, and I am kind of particular, but I do love the pieces I have. This is one of my favorites, given to me by my husband.


This was a necklace from an aunt and uncle when they lived in Jamaica for a time.

Necklace of beads from Jamaica

I believe it is made from some type of seeds. I wore it quite a bit as a teen-ager. I haven’t worn it in a long time, but I still treasure it because they thought of me and got it for me.

22 thoughts on “Blue Monday: Jewelry

  1. Very, very pretty. I have always loved cameos. My sister got my grandmother’s blue one, and I got a coral one. I love the faces of the ladies. Sometimes, though, they’re men. Thanks for sharing this and your necklace from your aunt and uncle which is very pretty as well. When I first saw it, I thought it was made of shells.

    Happy Blue Monday!


  2. Such pretty pieces of jewlery Barbara. I was sad to read about the camp in your post above. We have a camp we support with volunteer time etc. in Washington State and it’s always amazing to hear the stories from kids had such meaningful time at camp…

  3. Lovely cameo!!!

    Thanks for the sweet comment on my cross-stitch. YES, it was very nice to not have to keep changing threads, hahaha. But I think I am also ready to go back to a more colorful world! 😉

  4. The cameo is lovely, and how sweet to have a necklace from your childhood.

    I thought your post about the camp was your Blue Monday because of the colors on the building. Sad to read about that place closing.

    Kathy b

  5. I dearly LOVE your blue cameo…it is just beautiful.
    And…I’ve not seen a blue seed necklace before…very nice.
    Thanks so much for stopping by my place today. I hope you will come back.
    love, bj

  6. Those are beautiful, Barbara! Very sweet and thoughtful of your husband, and aunt and uncle.

    I’m not a fan of jewellery and the only piece of jewellery I wear with me always is the golden bracelet my mom got me for my 21st birthday. It’s been on me for 10 years.

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