The “Aw, you’re gonna make me cry” present

After seeing my post on our anniversary with the song “The Voyage,” my husband put together this montage of pictures to the song and made a DVD of it for me.

I probably won’t be around much today — we just found out earlier this week that one of Jim’s nephews and his wife and 5 (!) kids are coming for the weekend as a surprise to Grandma, so we’re busy cleaning the Christmas clutter — and other clutter. 🙂 We haven’t had young kids around for a long time — thankfully we saved some of Jesse’s toys for just such an occasion.

Hope you all had a good Christmas and have a good weekend!

12 thoughts on “The “Aw, you’re gonna make me cry” present

  1. awwwwwwwwwwww bless your dear hubby
    yep I was nearly on the verge of tears and had my man given it to me Im sure I would have spilt over 🙂

    A belated but very happy anniversary to you both

  2. Oh Barbara, that is beautiful! Jim definitely wins “Husband of the Year” for that! I’m going to see if my kids can do that for me to give to my dear hubby, (You know how “talented” I am when it comes to computers!) It would have been perfect for our 25th this past summer! I had never heard that song until your anniversary post. It is lovely.

    Have a fun weekend with your guests! Don’t get so caught up in the de-cluttering that you miss the joy in the visit! Where are they visiting from?

  3. What an amazing gift.

    My Mom gave us kids a video of old movies (many of my Dad, who I don’t see very often). It was the best gift I could have ever received.

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