Book Review: Falling For You Again

falling Falling For You Again is the third in the Four Seasons series by Catherine Palmer and Gary Chapman implementing Chapman’s teaching about seasons in marriage. I reviewed the first in the series, It Happens Every Spring, here, and the second, Summer Breeze, here.

Though all of the previous couples are mentioned, this book focuses on Charlie and Esther Moore, the “older couple” of the community, married nearly fifty years. Esther begins having memory problems and doing odd things, like driving the wrong way off the carport and putting the electric can opener in the dishwasher. Esther goes through depression, then denial, then fear and refusal to have the recommended treatment all the while becoming more irritable and confused. Though the Moores are looked up to as a stable example of marriage, they still have unresolved issues and everyday irritations that challenge both of them.

As they work through their problems, Charlie finds himself helping young, brash Brad Haynes on a housing project, alternately wanting to help and be an example to him and getting frustrated with Brad’s view of his own marriage and his seeming unwillingness to put any effort into it.

This book effectively and realistically dealt with different personalities, viewpoints, needs, and love languages in marriage. The Moore’s story is sweet but sad as they work through their challenges and focus on the good things and the underlying love they have for each other.

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6 thoughts on “Book Review: Falling For You Again

  1. I’m going to have to look into these… I’ve probably said that before when you’ve talked about them… Is this Chapman the same Chapman that wrote the Love Languages? I think it is…

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