ABC Challenge: O and P

It’s Wednesday, time again for Melli’s ABC photo challenge. We’re supposed to look for letters in common everyday things or in nature without actually manipulating anything to make the letter and without photographing the letter itself in a word or sign. We’re doing two letters a week, and this week it is O and P.

I originally thought I should look for oval-type Os. There is one lying sideways in the top scroll work here:

My Rock

But then I thought the more circular O was okay since in printing in kindergarten you start with the ball and circle formations.

An O on a tree:

ABC Challenge: O

Several here:

ABC Challenge: O

Some on my dashboard:

ABC Challenge: O

ABC Challenge: O

Delectable Os (bought for research purposes only. Not!) I actually would have liked to have taken a picture of the display rack at Krispy Kreme, but felt too awkward to. If they hadn’t had a line of people waiting, I might have.

ABC Challenge: O

Cereal Os:

ABC Challenge: O

I had a hard time finding a P — until I realized they were all lazily lying on their sides.

Here are two head to head holding up a sign:

ABC Challenge: P

Here are two forming the base of a cart corral:

ABC Challenge: P

This one is a little trickier.

ABC Challenge: P

ABC Photo Challenge: P

That was a decoration on top of a pillar in a little shopping center, and this is a similar, only more elaborate one above the entrance to our mall.

ABC Challenge: P

I can see a few other letters there as well!

You can head over to Melli’s to see what others found for Os and Ps today, and even join in yourself if you’d like.

Happy Wednesday!

11 thoughts on “ABC Challenge: O and P

  1. Ohhhhhhhh, Barbara, you outdid yourself this week! Love the “o’s” and the donuts?—that’s just awful [kidding!]. But now for some unknown reason I sure wish I had one of those chocolate covered ones!!! And the “p’s”…I spied the two connecting ones on the sign right away…and how clever to find it it the window! Way-y-y super.

    Thanks for popping by this morning! Yours was certainly a ‘treat’ today.

  2. You found some wonderful O’s and P’s!
    I so want a donut now. 🙂
    I had Cheerios – never a thought to use them.
    I had thought of a knot in the tree and then forgot.
    I would not have seen the p’s but they are super!

    And now for Q – are you ready for that one!

  3. WOW! You were really huntin’ Os! You got a BUNCH of the buggers too! Good going!!! I wonder how many besides me are doin’ the V8 smack over the traffic lights! I never even thought of that one! I think my favorite though is in the tree!

    And you did GREAT with P too! I didn’t have one at all until I found the one I have… but our cart corrals don’t look like that. And my half round window only has Vs and Ws! You really did a good job! I’m so glad that everyone is having so much FUN with this challenge!

  4. Wow! You were obviously hungry while you were hunting for these letters! I could have helped you with the research purposes, you know, but you didn’t ask! 😦 Maybe next time? Let’s see – what letters that you need later look like yummy food?

    I don’t think I ever would have seen those p’s. Good job!

    I enjoy seeing what you and the others have found each week. “Good eyes”, everyone!

  5. I love your alphabet posts… In my daughter’s math the other day we had to look for certain shapes around the house, and I thought of you.

    I’m going to look around and find as many letters as I can. If I get caught up, I might join in next week!

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