Friday’s Fave Five


Susanne at Living to Tell the Story hosts a “Friday Fave Five” in which we share our five favorite things from the past week. Click on the button to read more of the details, and you can visit Susanne to see the list of others’ favorites.

1. This was our first week of summer vacation! Whoo hoo! I enjoyed not setting the alarm clock at all for a couple of days, but found it would get to be about noon by the time I got up, ate, had devotions, showererd, and messed around on the computer a little. I didn’t like getting going that late, so I have set the alarm the last several days — but still two hours later than on school days. 7 is a much better wake-up time than 5!

2. Great American Cookie Company peanut butter cookies. My oldest two went to the mall to look around and brought me some cookies!

3. Root beer…from Jack in the Box. I have to drink decaf because of a heart rhythm problem, and I just don’t care much for Sprite or 7-Up.  We have an A&W here, but their root beer tastes to me like it has vanilla added. I discovered Jack sold it, and I often will stop there for one while out running errands — so often that now they know me there. After I ordered at the drive-through Thursday, when I pulled to the window the girl said, “I knew it was you!” Oddly enough I’m not really crazy about it from a can or bottle at home. There’s just something about the fountain root beer at Jack in the Box that’s just right to me. (And no, this isn’t a commercial. 🙂 )

4. Getting caught up with some errands and housekeeping chores that have been piling up and waiting for me the last couple of weeks. Not that I haven’t cleaned in that time, but I was behind on a few tasks, and am glad to have more or less caught up.

5. The first class wedding stamp used on my son’s wedding invitations:


Isn’t that lovely?

Though I didn’t want to list THREE food items — that would be a little embarrassing — I probably could have done a whole fave five listing foods this week. But I did want to mention one more. I had made creamed chicken and biscuits (didn’t make the biscuits from scratch, though) one night earlier this week, and when making the white sauce, I had a temporary memory lapse and forgot that a whole stick of margarine was 1/2 a cup instead of 1/4 a cup. Unfortunately I didn’t realize that until after I’d already melted it and added 1/4 flour and wondered why it still looked so liquidy. There was nothing else I could do but add another 1/4 cup of flour and double the milk, as well, to make a double portion. I separated out about half the white sauce, wondering what I was going to do with it, when later on the idea came that I could get some sausage and brown it, mix it with the leftover white sauce, and voila — sausage gravy over the leftover biscuits. Just had that for breakfast — scrumptious! I don’t think I have ever made that at home and only rarely have it eating out.

You can find more fave fives or join in on the fun at Susanne‘s.

17 thoughts on “Friday’s Fave Five

  1. I love that stamp! Very cool…
    It’s nice not to have to get up at 5 and still a treat to get up at 7. I can hardly sleep till 7 anymore.
    The cookies sound good. That’s great that they are learning who you are at Jack.
    Your last couple food items are making me hungry. I haven’t had my breakfast quite yet.
    I’ll have to try my hand at some sausage gravy for a treat for Dear sometime…

  2. Great list – my daughter is enjoying the extra hours of sleep that summer vacation brings but I still get up with my husband at 5:30am. I couldn’t even sleep in when we went on vacation!

    What beautiful stamps for wedding invitations, and isn’t it nice to be caught up on your chores and to-do list?

    This is my first week at Friday Fave Five and I’m looking forward to visiting your blog again.

  3. Sausage gravy and biscuits is one of my absolute FAVORITE breakfast foods. I have such a hard time resisting it’s temptation when I go to breakfast restaurants! I DO try – cuz it’s sooooo fattening – but OH so good! I used to make it ALL the time on weekends … back when we were first married! I’ve never made creamed chicken though… hmmm…

    I don’t care for rootbeer much – but IF we had a Jack-In-The-Box I would have to run out there for lunch today JUST to try one to see if you’re right! Maybe I would LIKE theirs!

    That surely IS a pretty stamp!

  4. That stamp is so beautiful! My son’s invitations are all out – but I don’t think we have those up here in Canada.

    Another root beer lover! Brenda from Paraguay loves it too 🙂

    Ah – summer vacation!!

    Happy weekend!

  5. My hubby loves Barq’s root beer and I bought 2 twelve packs last week at Kroger, but if we had a Jack-in-the-box I’d go try it too!

    Love the stamps – so pretty!! 🙂

  6. Chicken and biscuits. Yummy! I love that stuff.

    I always wish I could sleep in and the occasional time I do I always wish I didn’t because it just seems like half the day is gone. LOL.

    That stamp is beautiful!

  7. Hi, I found the Fave Five while doing a search at tecnorati. Looks like fun. I love ice cold root beer floats with vanilla ice cream, or root beer just on it’s own.
    Wish those wedding stamps had been available when my daughter got married – we used the pink rose ones.
    Hopefully I’ll do a Fave Five myself next week.

  8. You can never mention enough food places. I so remember A&W and just loved them. I love Jack in the Box now. It’s my all time fav. And peanut butter cookies as well. And your creamed chicken and biscuits…I’ll send ya the money to send me some LOL. Boy you have made me hungry. Glad school is done…oh the joys of summertime. The stamps my friend a beautiful 🙂 Aloha

  9. I love sausage gravy and biscuits, but I NEVER make it at home — if I gave myself permission to do that, I would definitely eat way too much of it.

    The stamps are beautiful — and very elegant. I bet they look lovely on the envelopes. And I love peanut butter cookies and root beer, though the only diet soda I really like is Diet Dr. Pepper.

  10. How cool about the stamp. A lovely way to post those envelopes you sweated over.

    I’m not caught up on errands!! Much running to do. The guys kept the house afloat and the dishes clean and themselves fed, but the rest…ummm…I should be busy. : ^)

  11. Chicken and biscuits is and has always been one of my very favorite meals — and I’m having it tonight at my mother-in-law’s! Yay!

    The only think I don’t like about that beautiful stamp is the number on top: 44 cents. Uggh. I guess emailed wedding invitations would be pretty tacky though… 🙂

  12. I’ve not had white gravy in so-0 long. Sometimes, I add it to scrambled eggs from a breakfast buffet when we’re traveling because the eggs aren’t soft scrambled the way I like them. Maybe when I reach my goal, I’ll treat myself to some. Yum.

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