• Busy morning — I have to run my husband’s mom over to the audiologist. The part of her hearing aid that goes into her ear has torn a little.
  • Why does it seem when you’re most in a hurry, the computer runs the slowest?
  • I discovered an extra week! I had thought getting ready for Father’s Day, getting Jesse ready for camp, and getting the ladies booklet done all had to happen this week, but looking again at the calendar, I saw one of those things didn’t have to happen til next week and another the following week. That’s sure a nice feeling!
  • I need to get back to making lists. I always think with all the obligations of the school year past and a mostly wide open schedule, that I’ll get so much done over the summer. But somehow that’s not happening! It’s not like I am lazing around in front of the TV (summer TV is pretty much a wasteland!!) but things aren’t getting done — at least not the things I am wanting to get done, though I did get my closet cleaned out and went through a stack of magazines in addition to the ever-present laundry.
  • Once a quarter or so my mother-in-law’s assisted living facility has a “family dinner” where family members of the residents are invited to come for a meal, and the one for the summer was last night.  Always an interesting experience. 🙂 Many of them get so agitated when there is any change and routine, and you want to somehow help them just relax and assure them it will be ok. Unfortunately, I can see seeds of that in myself already! (edited to add: I see from Thom’s comment I may have given the wrong impression. It was an enjoyable time, but some of the folks were a bit more fidgety. Jim’s mom tends to get agitated and repeat herself a bit more when anything “different” comes up, but afterward she said she enjoyed it.)
  • Back later to catch up with you all…..

8 thoughts on “Hodgepodge

  1. Glad that somethings got pushed back. That’s always a relief. The family dinner sounds like it can be traumatic for some…funny how places try to do nice things and it can go awry…but you make the best of it is all you can do. With you lists I don’t know what operating system you use but if it’s Windows Vista or Windows 7 they have sticky notes you can put on your desktop. They are great. I can’t remember if XP has them or not. Have a great day

  2. I always prefer finding a deadline is farther away then I thought, rather than closer! And I have always been one to embrace change and new and different things, but I’ve noticed that lately it takes me a bit longer to adapt then it used to.

    AND, you’ve been tagged. You are under no obligation to accept, but I enjoyed this tag, and thought you might, too.

  3. I live on lists!

    Your mother-in-law’s place sounds like a good one, trying to bring family together. Think about family dinners of the past. They’re usually fraught with stress from the change, but change is good and family needs to be together.

    Please come back and take the second award too. You are a special Blogger friend and much deserving.

  4. I hope you got that hearing aide thing worked out – that sounds like it would be painful!

    I quit making lists when I became a “lady of leisure”… LOL! And you’re right – NOTHING gets done anymore! I need to come out of retirement and start making lists again myself! I have intentions in the back of my mind of things I want to get done each day… but if a better offer comes along, those intentions go right out the window! And then of course, there’s blogging! My intentions don’t really stand a chance!

  5. Today, I almost blogged about summer and to do lists also. My problem is that I make too many lists. It is so easy to forget that the summer has just begun. I’m trying not to panic, slow down, and enjoy it more.

  6. I know what you mean about thinking you’re not getting much done. That’s the way I am about this unpacking and decorating because there are still piles of clutter and boxes not unpacked. But I just have to look around to see that I am making progress.
    I knew what you meant about the family dinner.
    Mama Bear

  7. I feel you, Barbara. I was in a hurry to leave the office but last minute, I needed to do something with the computer and that’s THE time it chose to run the slowest. *rolls eyes*

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