Friday’s Fave Five


Susanne at Living to Tell the Story hosts a “Friday Fave Five” in which we share our five favorite things from the past week. Click on the button to read more of the details, and you can visit Susanne to see the list of others’ favorites or to join in.

It’s going to be hard to narrow it down to five this week!

1. Jeremy’s iPhone ap. He’s been working for a long time on developing this application for the iPhone called FoodPad Calorie Tracker with which to keep track of calories. It has a lot of neat features!


2. Goodies! I bought these from Shabby Shan’s Cottage via Make Mine Pink’s Pink Friday.

Rose shelf
If you know me very well, you know this is me. 🙂 I haven’t decided where to put it yet.

Small vases
I also got these teeny vases. They’re about 4″ high. I thought they were blue with pink flowers when I ordered them, but they are still pretty as white.

She also tucked in an extra little bonus gift.:

Extra gift!

3.A new CD. I love the music produced by The Wilds, and their newest CD is Creator, Redeemer, and King. I’ve been listening to it frequently this week. I love all of it, but especially It Was For Me, My Faith Still Clings, Calvary Invitation, and new-to-me Face the Cross.

4. My favorite contestant on America’s Got Talent so far:

(Song starts at about 1.46)

5. Two GREAT favorite links. One was left on a question I had earlier about tips for craft organization and storage
ideas: this has to be the ultimate craft studio. So many great ideas!! The second one I can’t remember where I found, but it is a site called A LEGO a day. Legos were one of my kids’ favorites even long after they stopped playing with other toys. This site took a photo involving Legos once every day for a year and added a catchy caption to most of them. I’ve only looked through a few pages so far, but my favorites are Just married, How low can you go, Going for a drive, and my ultimate favorite, Put on a happy face.

Happy Friday!

20 thoughts on “Friday’s Fave Five

  1. I love that shelf!

    I liked that guy (was it Wed. night?) too! He had such a great range. We can always tell who’s going to be good – they’re not convinced that they’re going to win, and they’re not goofy – they’re just plain people doing what they do.

  2. Hey, Barbara! Great FF! My fave so far on AI is the young man from Mayfield, Kentucky! The chicken catcher! What a beautiful voice and he sang with such heart and feeling!
    Have a great week!

  3. I like that shelf as well, but it just wouldn’t fit in my house. Those little vases are cute — and I wish you could share the music!

    “Put on a Happy Face” made me laugh outloud. And you know, I wish I’d have thought of that “going for a drive” for Punny Monday!

  4. WOOT…i just bought the application. Very nice that he could do that. Excellent and please let him know I said thank you. Love the goodies you bought and On America’s Got Talent, I really didn’t care for that guy. I liked the guy last week that was like an uneducated guy and he wrote that song about his girlfriend. It was awesome and another lesson on you can’t judge a book by it’s cover. The three kids whose mom was in a coma were awesome also. I love this show. Do you notice how they save the best for last always? I’ll be glad when the auditions are over. There are some horrible people. Happy FFF.

  5. That’s the kind of apple I was eating this week 🙂 I love the shelf and vases – they’re so beautiful, my kind of things to collect. I clicked on the lego links and enjoyed viewing them. The Going for a drive is gorgeous; Just married is cute.

  6. Hello Barbara! I’m so slow this week. That application for a calorie counter really sounds great! I love your new shelf. I haven’t been able to watch much tv and haven’t watched America’s got talent yet. I did see a clip of the chicken chaser guy :0)
    Have a great weekend!!

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