A few pictures from the wedding festivities

I mentioned in my description of the wedding that we didn’t get pictures of the bride in her dress or the ceremony — I was in the front row and didn’t want to be disruptive (plus I just wanted to take it all in), and when they were taking the offical photos afterward we were visiting with my family that had come in. We’d only gotten to give them a hug and say hello in passing until that point. We’re looking forward to getting the official photos hopefully soon.

But we got a few of various things.


This was the temporary hand tattoos made from henna that I mentioned.


The beginning of the tumeric paste and rice ceremony the night before the wedding.


The end result.


Jason getting help getting gunk out of his hair.


Mittu after a shower to get all the stuff off. Isn’t she lovely? 🙂 They said in India they do the rice and tumeric thing seven days in a a row.

Jason and Mittu Wedding Day 009

The front of the church.

Jason and Mittu Wedding Day 040

My dress didn’t have any pink in it, but I think adjusting the lighting so it could be seen clearly affected the color.

Jason and Mittu Wedding Day 048

Mother of the Groom. 🙂

Jason and Mittu Wedding Day 064

The musicians did a great job. Saris everywhere provided a lot of beautiful color.

Jason and Mittu Wedding Day 071

The bridesmaids. All of our pictures of the groomsmen were blurry, sadly, but they wore black suits and white shirts.

Jason and Mittu Wedding Day 088

Mittu changed into this outfit for the reception made from the same fabric as the bridesmaids’ saris. These are longtime dear friends of her family – we really enjoyed getting to know them. Sweet people.

Jason and Mittu Wedding Day 089

Exiting amidst bubbles.

Jason and Mittu Wedding Day 094

The decoy get-away car — this was actually the best man’s car. He drove them around to theirs decorated like this:


I hope to have pictures of the main event soon!!

15 thoughts on “A few pictures from the wedding festivities

  1. Barbara you looked stunning. And Jason and Mittu look fantastic as well. What a fun time and great wedding. The tumeric paste and rice ceremony looks a bit messy but I bet was wonderful. I love the colors and the bridesmaids look great. Excellent pictures. Thanks for sharing and again, congratulations 🙂

  2. You know, Jonathan and I are also wedding photographers (http://www.bluecastleblog.com/) and so I LOVE looking at other people’s wedding photographs. (I can’t wait to see the ones from the main event!)

    That said, I think her choice for the bridesmaid’s dresses was MOST excellent. I don’t know that I’ve ever seen something so uniquely lovely. I love the colors and the elegance of it. Very, very beautiful.

    Love your dress too! =D Great pick and, again, it sounds like your memories of the event are even more beautiful. Thank you for sharing all of this! It’s great fun to “be a part” in this way.

  3. I enjoyed looking the pictures of this wonderful wedding and how interesting to read about such different traditions. Handsome young couple and the mother of the groom looked wonderful!! 😉

  4. These are great pics! That tumeric rice stuff is a MESS! lol! Why in the wOrld would they do such a thing!? I know… blessings… sOme blessing! hehehe… Everyone looks very happy!!! I still can’t WAIT to see the main event!

  5. Barbara, you looked wonderful!! I loved Mittu’s choices for her bridesmaids and musicians. The Indian traditions/dress mixed in made her wedding one-of-a-kind, which is beautiful of itself! 🙂 Thanks for sharing with us.

  6. Hi, You look so pretty in your dress!! What a beautiful wedding!!
    My grand daughter Sarah’s wedding was Saturday.
    I have posted pictures of her shower but have to wait until Kelly tells me I can post the wedding pictures!
    You took some really good pictures! I hope our photographer got some good ones. We took some too,but Karen didn’t get any full length pictures of Kelly who was the Maid of Honor. and we didn’t get a full length of Karen who has lost 137 pounds in her dress.
    It was one of the hottest day of our year!! The church where the wedding was a little warm. But Bill’s church was nice and cool where we went afterwards. hugs Grams

  7. I’m just getting caught up on my blog reading and look at all the fun I missed. You look gorgeous Barbara and it looks like it was an absolutely lovely wedding!

  8. What fun candid shots you got! I think not trying to take photos during the wedding was wise, you will have the memories in your heart & the pros could do all the work. Being the Mother of the groom was surely overwhelming!! You looked lovely.



  9. Barbara,

    Thank you for sending me the links! Congratulations to you!!! You look beautiful on the wedding day!!! What special Indian touches in the ceremony – I enjoyed seeing pictures of the details! 🙂

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