A Thousand Words In Idioms: The Cookie Version


Jientje at Heaven Is In Belgium hosts A  Thousand Words In Idioms wherein she asks participants to illustrate an idiom with a photo.


That’s the way the cookies crumbles.

This was a packet of cookies I got for our recent road trip, but somehow they got to the bottom of my purse and got all crushed. But they illustrate “that’s the way the cookie crumbles,” meaning, sometimes in life things just happen. You wouldn’t usually say this to someone when something really bad happens, like a major illness — that would be insensitive. But for little everyday disappointments, it’s just a way of saying, “Life is like that sometimes.” It can be similar to “Don’t cry over spilled milk” –it’s not worth getting upset over.

I thought about having Jeremy throw these up in the air while I tried to get a picture for tossing your cookies, a euphemism for throwing up or vomiting, but I didn’t want to think about that too very much and I didn’t want to waste the cookies — they still taste good! I can only sacrifice so much for my art. 🙂 I wish it were true that calories leak out of broken cookies, but, alas, it isn’t.


A Tough Cookie

This can refer to someone who is hard to deal with or someone who stands up well under pressure and can handle untoward circumstances.


Smart cookie

This refers to someone who is clever or intelligent. I can almost picture this as a cartoon character spokesman for a cookie company commercial.

Is anybody hungry now?

You can find links to more imaginatively illustrated idioms or join in the fun at Jientje‘s.

9 thoughts on “A Thousand Words In Idioms: The Cookie Version

  1. LOL! I was hungry BEFORE I got here! I’m waiting for Krysti to shower so we can go get some lunch! I’m feeling like a Buffalo Salad today! But broken cookies could work just as well. Got milk???

  2. You are one brilliant cookie. I love the theme and I’m so glad you didn’t waste the cookies by tossing them in the air for the sake of art LOL. Excellent. All of them are so well done and captured by the photos. Great work 🙂

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