A Thousand Words In Idioms: Stitched and Sewn


Jientje at Heaven Is In Belgium hosts A  Thousand Words In Idioms wherein she asks participants to illustrate an idiom with a photo.


A stitch in time saves nine.

If you have have a small tear in a piece of clothing, if you go ahead and mend it when you first notice, you’ll ony have to take a few stitches: if you wait, the tear will grow bigger and you’ll have to spend more time and work to fix it. So this idiom is a way of saying we should take care of problems when they are small before they get bigger and more complicated and require more effort to repair.


Sewed up.

If a project or situation is sewed up, it is taken care of, concluded, completed. The phrase could also mean to gain control of or assurance of, as in “The senator sewed up the votes needed to pass the bill.”

May all you stitches be taken and projects sewed (sewn?) up in good time!

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