Happy Birthday to Jesse!

Jesse turns 16 today!!

Jesse was our little “surprise,” but, once we got used to the idea, a pleasant one. I can’t imagine our family without him.

He was 12 lbs when he was born. He was born in a women’s hospital, which usually only had newborn babies around, and someone from the hospital had to go out and buy diapers because the newborn ones wouldn’t fit.

Expecting Jesse

Newborn Jesse

We knew he was big, but he surprised us all! I don’t know why — no gestational diabetes, and that pregnancy I had the most moderate weight gain of the three. And now he’s the skinniest of the bunch.

He’s always been a pretty cheerful guy, easy to get along with, quick to bounce back, makes friends easily, can talk with about anyone, and a pretty good worker once he gets going.



Jesse in park 2

He likes to get in weird positions. I call these “pretzael mode” and “vulture mode.”

Jesse in pretzel mode

Doing Homework


Happy Birthday, Jesse!

May you always be cheerful, helpful, kind, loving, interested in others, and may you always love the Lord with all your heart and walk closely with Him.

13 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to Jesse!

  1. AMEN! He looks (and sounds) like such a FUN kid! I think he was stretched out in your belly pushin’ his toes against your belly button in that picture! Goodness! Well… 12 pound baby – that’s more than my TWINS together! And you do look like you got bigger out front than I did! LOL! (mine together were 11 lb. 6 1/4 oz.) He was HUGE! LOL!


  2. A sweet tribute. Is he tall? Looks like he was holding his head up at birth. I love the photos of the contortions and the way you described them. Bet he hated that you showed them, though.

  3. What a cute little boy and handsome big one! Sons are great! Am not qualified to speak about daughters–only a new daughter-in-law, and she is wonderful, too! Happy Birthday!

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