The Official Wedding Photos

I had posted some unofficial photos here, but Jason and Mittu finally got their wedding photos Saturday! And bless their hearts, they brought them over for us to see that very night.

I won’t be able to post all 149, of course, but here are some of my favorites.










The groomsmen “scoring” the kiss, Olympic style. I wish we’d gotten a better picture of it, but the photographer didn’t know it was coming and wasn’t prepared. It provided much needed comic relief.




Love the colorfulness!




The wedding party at the reception. The girl in blue was the photographer. Mittu changed into this outfit for the reception made from the same fabric as the bridesmaids’ saris.


At first I thought this was showing how tired they were, but it was during the prayer at the reception. They probably were pretty tired, though!



18 thoughts on “The Official Wedding Photos

  1. Ohhhhhhh Barbara! These are wonderful! I can imagine how excited you ALL were to get these! I LOVE that top photo of Jason — and the first one of Mittu alone — and the one of the wedding party from behind… and a bunch of other ones too! They’re just beautiful! Thanks sO much for sharing!

  2. What a gorgeous bride! The wedding was lovely and I was so taken with the cake that I called Amoeba to look at it. He said, “nice.” [shakes head] Men!

    I liked the shot of Jason & Mittu in prayer together, but my favorite is right below it. They are a handsome couple.

  3. I love the individual black and whites of Jason and Mittu and the one of them praying at the reception AND the colorful apparel of everyone in the group picture! Thanks so much for sharing these, Barbara!! 🙂

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