Book Review: Farraday Road

The opening pages of Farraday Road by Ace Collins set the stage for mystery: a literal “dark and stormy night,” a car discovered run off the road, two bodies having been shot, one alive and one dead, and a historic bridge washed off its moorings. Lije (short for Elijah) survives but neither he nor anyone else in the town can think of any reason why he or his wife, a pillar of the community known for her generosity, would become targets. In his grief he searches for clues about what happened, sometimes teamed with a reluctant detective who thinks at first she has the suspect, sometimes doing his own investigating, which leads him to another mystery involving a piece of prime real estate his wife had purchased before her death.

I am sorry to say I was not thrilled with the book. It could have used much tighter writing, and the “mystery” seemed splintered off into too many pieces which at the end are still unconnected. Hopefully it will all come together in the sequel, Swope’s Ridge. I thought perhaps this was Mr. Collins’ first book: I was wrong. He has written more than 50 books, but most of them are non-fiction. I was disappointed that, for a book in the genre of Christian fiction, there was a four-letter word usually absent in most Christian fiction and that there was little Christianity in it beyond the charitable nature of Lije’s deceased wife and the testimony of a wrongly-accused prisoner.

If you’ve read the book, I’d be interested in hearing your thoughts: perhaps I am missing something. And if you haven’t, please don’t let this review dissuade you from checking out the book if you like mysteries: most of the reviews at and are positive.

Thanks to Zondervan for providing a copy of the book for review.

3 thoughts on “Book Review: Farraday Road

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