First Friday’s Fave Five of 2010!

Susanne at Living to Tell the Story hosts a “Friday Fave Five” in which we share our five favorite things from the past week. Click on the button to read more of the details, and you can visit Susanne to see the list of others’ favorites or to join in.

Since it has been two weeks since we’ve done a Fave Five, I hope it’s ok to go back two weeks!

1. Celebrating our 30th anniversary with a trip to Charleston and our kids surprising us with a little celebration when we came home.

2. All involved with Christmas. It was a nice, quiet, restful day with all the immediate family here. My favorite present: a cedar chest from my husband:


When I was growing up it was common for women to gave these at the foot of their beds to store keepsakes. I always wanted one but never mentioned it because we never had the space for one. But moving the sewing desk out of our bedroom into the new sewing room created space! I can’t wait to go through some things to put in here.

3. Finally making Harvest Loaf Cake yesterday! I usually make it earlier in December, but we love it any time.

4. Fireworks on New Year’s Eve!! I love fireworks anyway, and I grew up having them, but we haven’t been able to have them at home in the last ten years or so because our city doesn’t allow them. But my son and new daughter-in-law live outside the city limits! So we went to their house for New Year’s Eve and brought some fireworks.

It’s funny, it wasn’t raining at the time, or even misting, though it had done both earlier in the day, yet my camera was picking up the water droplets in the air. This is one of about five “big ones” we shot off.

Some little tanks that sent off sparkler-type fireworks.

5. A couple of get-togethers at Jason and Mittu’s house with another family from church whose daughters, one a teacher in CA and one a student in FL, both of whom worked with Jason and Mittu at camp, were visiting. Good food and fellowship and fun playing games. We don’t do that as often as we should.

My favorite clue from Taboo (a game where you’re trying to get your teammates to guess what you’re describing, but you’re not allowed to say certain key words in the clues you give them) was when Jim gave the clue, “Six minus 1 small things that come out of ladies.” All of us on his team thought, “What??!!” Then it hit a couple of us that the answer was “quintuplets.” We laughed about that the rest of the night.

Then at midnight Jason was chasing Mittu to get a New Year’s kiss, and this family’s six-year-old son asked, “Can I play kissing tag?” 🙂

I hope your New Year is off to a good start, and I wish you all the best in 2010!

13 thoughts on “First Friday’s Fave Five of 2010!

  1. LOL! Kissing tag! Tooooooo cute! Sounds like you guys had a good time last night! I slept through it!
    It came, just the same!

    I always wanted a Hope Chest when I was a girl… I never got one either. I collected stuff though anyway… it just got tucked away in my closet instead! But everything I’d tucked away was very used or long gone by the time I got married! LOL! Too many years of living with roommates before a wedding! So what will you store in your cedar chest?

  2. OK that is hilarious …a kissing tag game! Looks like you had some great times this past week. The good ole Hope chest. I wonder if that custom will be revived!! Happy New Year Barbara!!

  3. Congratulations on 30 years! How wonderful.

    Your cedar chest is beautiful. I remember that my mother used to have one. Wonder where it is now??? Hmm…. I might need to look into that.

    Hope you have a great New Year! Blessings, my friend.

  4. The cedar chest is lovely.

    We played Taboo this holiday, as well – a fun game. Jason should get a prize for the most imaginative clue!

    Love the ‘kissing tag’ comment by the little one.

    Happy Anniversary!

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