Friday’s Fave Five

Susanne at Living to Tell the Story hosts a “Friday Fave Five” in which we share our five favorite things from the past week. Click on the button to read more of the details, and you can visit Susanne to see the list of others’ favorites or to join in.

1. A basketball win! I mentioned a few days ago that my youngest son’s Junior Varsity basketball team had won their first two games but lost the others. This past Tuesday they won another one, so I am sure that boosted their spirits. Tonight they play our biggest (but not totally undefeatable) rivals, so we’ll see how it goes. And another connected fave is that this is the last away game — all the rest are home games, at least until the play-offs at the end. Hurray!

2. I’ve mentioned my TomTom GPS before that I got for Christmas, but I leaned on it a lot this week as Tuesday night’s away game was the farthest away of all that we play, and it was in our state capital, which is not a huge city, but bigger than what I have driven in in a long time. Plus I took a wrong turn — not its fault, I just got mixed up. But then I had to really just trust it! And as I use it more I am becoming more aware of its features. It has a small screen with little arrows showing you which road to take along with voice commands, and in the bottom left corner it shows an arrow for which direction you’ll be turning next and how far away that turn is. It also shows how fast you’re driving vs. what the speed limit is, and that part lights up in red if you go more than 3 mph above the speed limit. No, this isn’t a paid ad. 🙂 But I am enjoying it more and more, and it sure beats trying to read printed off directions while driving.

3. Working in my new craft/sewing room. I still don’t have it set up just like I want it yet, but it’s functional, and it felt good to do something creative in there. But I can’t show you what I worked on….yet! 🙂

4. (Re)reading, (re)watching, and discussing Anne of Green Gables for Carrie‘s L. M. Montgomery Reading Challenge. I had said I was going to have to hold off on reading more of the series, but I am rethinking that — there are still 9 days left in the challenge! It adds to the enjoyment to discuss it with others who are reading the same author and some of the same books at the same time.

5. A couple of little things I bought from the Make Mine Pink shops’ Pink Friday sales a couple of weeks ago.

This cute little shelf from Shabby Shan’s Cottage:

And this sweet little plaque from Forget Me Not Dreams:

I’ve joked about how I often mention food on my FFF, and believe me, several came to mind! But out of respect for a couple of friends who are working on trying to lose weight, I’ll refrain.

Have a great Friday!

19 thoughts on “Friday’s Fave Five

  1. ROFL! Thank you for THAT!

    I think it is quite not fair to tell us you are creatively in process and NOT share what you are making! Can’t wait to find out!

    YAY Jeremy’s TEAM!!! Gooooooo!

    Sheeeeeeesh…. between you and your TomTom and Nessa and her Kindle… you guys might make me jump into the 21st century!

  2. You know what, I find that if I focus on God and not my diet, I can read food posts without being tempted to cheat. In fact, I walked away from a chocolate bar I have never been able to resist yesterday, and I am still marveling over how easy it was.

    Congrats to the team on their win. I hope their confidence serves them well in the next contest.

    I could probably use a TomTom to help me negotiate Seattle. The last two times I went into the city I ended up driving in circles and asking strangers for help (which, both times) I was given in clear, concise, easy to follow, compassionate form.

  3. Dang no food LOL. Congrats on the win. That’s always wonderful. 🙂 You know with a GPS its just a matter of trusting it. Problem is when I use mine here in Hawai’i I know which way I want to go so I don’t bother with it. I’m anxious to go to the mainland next week and put it to use 🙂 Love your plaque. It’s wonderful Have a great Friday 🙂

  4. Ugh! I got on the scales this morning. The first time since right after Thanksgiving so I am one of those who is trying to watch their weight (hopefully, not watching it go up). I do enjoy hearing all of your favorite fives, even the food related ones.
    I don’t have a GPS. I know what you mean about trying to read written directions. I had to do that going to my club meeting this month. It was already dark and I had to turn around 3 times before I finally got on the right road. I just can’t read street signs in the dark. With that and traffic, I was later arriving than I meant to be and I was co hostess. I hate to arrive late. Maybe I’ll be looking into a GPS soon. I know they don’t always send you the quickest route and that is alright if you’re familiar with where you’re going. You wouldn’t need it anyway, right.

  5. Congratulations on the basketball win for your boy!

    Cute shelf and plaque.

    I”m really glad to hear that you are enjoying Anne – read more if you can – it’s a wonderful series.

    Happy weekend!

  6. What a cute shelf. I’ll have to head over there and window shop!…for now at least.
    Congratulations to your son on their win. Bound to boost their spirits for sure.
    Happy weekend to ya!

  7. Thanks for sharing those cute little things you bought, I always like to see what other people like.

    We have a TomTom too and we love it! I have learned to check the directions before I start out on a trip, occasionally it does not make sense, so I just check it.

  8. Yippee for Anne! I really enjoyed reading the series. I’m reading another Montgomery book right now Marigold something or another :0)
    Congrats on the basketball win! I love watching my kids play sports!
    Have a great weekend…

  9. Well, it’s too late for me, Barbara! I made the Spam (Treet) Casserole and loved it!!! I call it “Heart Attack In A Skillet”! LOL I won’t be fixing it very often but it was delicious!!!!! Thanks!
    And I’m so glad that your son’s team won!!! That is so great for their morale! Yayyy!!
    Daniel and Erin have kind of taken possession of our GPS but we are kind of old school any way when it comes to directions. I love my atlas and maps. It’s a tactile thing. 🙂
    Love the plaque! Have a wonderful weekend, dear friend!

  10. LOL. I for the first time ever did not mention food either. Not on purpose though, just the way it played out this week, I guess.

    Congrats to your son’s team. I wished I would have had GPS when we went to the big city for tournaments. It would have gotten rid of a lot of driving stress.

  11. Thank you for your comments on my blog.

    I love your two “finds”! Very nice pieces.

    I think it’s wonderful to be a part of a reading group or book club or whatever it may be called. lol. I’ve never done it but have really considered it. Maybe I should just go for it. God Bless!

  12. Winning isn’t everything, but it sure is fun. 😉 Glad you got a win.

    I’m learning to depend more on my GPS, too. I trust it about 95% of the time. We’re such techies, huh? Have a great weekend!

  13. I LOVE that shelf! CUTE!

    I am losing weight too, but I talk about food a lot! I’m changing my food lifestyle, and eating better and tastier than ever, so it’s still a huge part of my life. So I hope you don’t refrain forever, LOL!

  14. I’m glad to hear about your GPS experience. I’ve been thinking about one, but can’t decide what features I want. And congratulations on getting a good start to your craft room!

  15. Barbara,

    How sweet of you to mention us on your blog! We are so glad you loved the items you bought on our site. Your blog is a special place and I know we will enjoy reading it in the future. Thanks again!
    Forget Me Not Dreams

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