Microfiction Monday


Susan at Stony River has begun a Microfiction Monday wherein participants write a story in 140 characters or less based on a particular image that Susan has chosen for the day.  Design 215’s Character Counter helps keep track of the number of characters. It’s a fun exercise in creative conciseness…or concise creativity… You can visit Susan’s to see some very creative stories for today.

The photo for today inspired two different stories!

I. Accentuations

“Top o’ the mornin’ to ya, lassie! Where might be the Blarney Stone?’

“Sigh. Bessie, lay off the Irish accent. You’re a Jersey cow!”

II. The Great Escape

“I was glad Farmer Brown’s cart wasn’t latched after I saw where he was taking us.”

“Me, too, but he’ll catch up to us if you don’t hurry!”

15 thoughts on “Microfiction Monday

  1. I think I like the first a little, but I loved getting two for one visit. It’s a win win for me!
    That Jersey cow ref just killed me!
    It’s the cow version of the reality show “Jersey Shore”

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