Friday’s Fave Five

Susanne at Living to Tell the Story hosts Friday’s Fave Five so we can share our favorite things from the last week. This has been a wonderful exercise in looking for and appreciating the good things God gives. Click on the button to learn more, then go to Susanne’s to read others’ faves and link up your own.

So here are five favorite things from this last week:

1. House-hunting online. I mentioned earlier this week that we are moving to TN. Most realtors have their listings online these days, and though it is not enough information to make a decision without going to actually look at houses, it’s enough to weed some out. Though at first the list of possibilities from the realtor looks a little tedious to sort through, it has actually been a lot of fun. Helpful hint to anyone selling a house: take LOTS of pictures, and of all the rooms. It’s frustrating when there are only 6 pictures, all of them outside.

2. Finishing two books this week, reviewed here and here.They were both good and neither very long, but somehow it seemed to take a long time to actually complete them, so it is nice to be done with them.

3. Magazines. I have a weakness for magazines, particularly decorating or “homey” magazines, to the point where I’ve actually had to discipline myself not to pick any more up. I enjoyed sorting through some Martha Stewart Living, Family Fun, and Taste of Home magazines as well as some decorating and “do it yourself” project magazines before passing them on to others. I love the good tips and projects in them, and even just the creativity they inspire.

4. Having a voice in issues and politics. I was reminded of this when my husband wrote a letter to the editor this week about an issue in our town. We have the privilege in this country of letting our voice and opinions be heard by our representatives and the press, and we probably don’t use it enough. There are still countries in the world where people are punished for expressing a different opinion than the approved one.

5. Safety on the roads. I was just reading a tragic story of a friend of a friend who was killed when she stopped her car on the shoulder of a road to get out and latch the back hatch, where some things had fallen out, when she got hit by a car and died instantly, with her two daughters seeing the whole thing. Life is just so fragile — just a vapor, Scripture says, or like flowers or grass that only last a short while. My husband travels so much, and I’ve had more travel with the family and alone in preparing for this move, I am so grateful for the safety we’ve had.

14 thoughts on “Friday’s Fave Five

  1. Oh my I hate to read about such road tragedies like that. It does help keep life in perspective you are right.
    And yes, thank goodness for letters to the editor! We do have that right to express our opinions, and many times that voice is needed!! Kudos to you hubs!

  2. I’m so sorry for the loss of a friend and mother. Thanks for sharing your blessings of the week. It must be a challenge to find a new home and far away, so I wish you luck. Communications of books, magazines, the internet, and free speach are to be much appreciated, aren’t they? Have a good week.

  3. What a week you’ve had! Your move sounds exciting. I read your earlier post explaining and you mentioned your kids wanting to get involved in camp ministry. Do you know about Longview Ranch in Moshein, TN? It’s not too far from Knoxville. That’s where we took our senior trip!

    Enjoyed your list this week, and am praying for the family of your friend. Have a good weekend.

  4. The internet is really great for opening up new areas to our view. I hope all goes well with your move. How many miles will this be away from your current home. Do you have to sell your current place, too?
    It is good to have the privilege of speaking up and being heard and not getting shot for your views :0)
    Blessings on all that is involved in moving Barbara!

  5. The internet has changed our lives so much, and I think for the better, like being able to search for a home online. But one of the things its made me give up is magazines, I just don’t enjoy them as much anymore now that I have the internet.

  6. Moving? I’ll go and read your former posts. I love looking at real estate even if I’m not moving.

    I’m a fan of the British edition of Country Living. A friend subscribes to the mag and passes it on to me, and I pass it on to another friend, who passes it on to….

  7. I will be praying that you find just the right house, Barbara, where you’ll make your new home. I know when we found our first house, we knew the instant we walked in the back door the first time to look at it. We just felt like we had come home. It was such a neat feeling and such a blessing from the Lord.
    I, too, am so sorry to hear of the tragic loss of this mother who lost her life. How very sad. May the Lord comfort and strengthen her family as they grieve for her.
    I like browsing through magazines, too, though I seldom buy them. I usually check them out from the library and sometimes take the time to sit down and read the current issues I like at the library. I have a coupon for 1 year of Taste of Home for $10 and I’m seriously thinking of suubscribing! 🙂 I looooove TOH.

  8. So sad to hear about the woman being killed by a car. It really does let us know how quickly life can be snuffed out. On a happier note, I love reading magazines, too. I usually have one in front of me when I’m eating breakfast and lunch and get quite a bit read then. Have a great week.

  9. Concerning FF1-that’s what I ran across as I was perusing rentals online. I just figured if they didn’t show any of the inside of the house, then it must really be sorry in there. I didn’t bother looking into it any further.

  10. I LOVE looking at houses on-line — even though I’m not house shopping! I just like to look! I always assume that if there are no pictures of the inside it is because it has not been well cared for… maybe I shouldn’t assume that! 🙂

    We are blessed to live in a country where we can voice our opinions. I follow a blog of an American woman living with her Saudi husband in Saudi Arabia… and I don’t know how she does it! I really DON’T!

    That story is just too sad. And I have DONE that! Gotten out to go close Mom’s door when she doesn’t close it tight enough… or sometimes my trunk just “pops”… It doesn’t open all the way – but the trunk ajar light comes on… and I’ll pull over to close it before it DOES fly open! Scary … very scary.

  11. I can imagine looking at houses online makes the work of finding a house a bit easier!

    So sad about the lady on the highway. When my hubby worked at another job he was on the road a lot. It was a bit nerve racking. But like I’m sure your family does, we prayed and trusted God and it bought peace.

  12. I am SO glad to find a fellow Taste of Home reader. I am a field editor from Madison, ME and can be found in the newer magazines.

    Just a tip if you tend to keep tons of back issues like I do: most of our published recipes, and tons that aren’t but are wonderful. So don’t let a fear of “I might not find that recipe again” help you hold on to back issues…bless others with them as much as you can! Also, there are plastic protector sheets similar to what you would get for baseball cards and keep in a 3-ring binder now but sized for 3 x 5 index cards. Many of our recipes are published in a terrific “classic recipe card” format already so all you have to do is “clip ‘n keep.” Hope this Helps and good luck house hunting! Tennessee is beautiful, I’ve always wanted to live near Seivierville or Pigeon Forge.

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