Friday’s Fave Five

Welcome to Friday’s Fave Five, hosted by Susanne at Living to Tell the Story, in which we can share our favorite things from the last week. This has been a wonderful exercise in looking for and appreciating the good things God blesses us with. Click on the button to learn more, then go to Susanne’s to read others’ faves and link up your own.

Here are five of my favorites from the past week:

1. A shiny new cell phone! That takes pictures! (My old one didn’t). Mittu’s cell phone was stolen a few weeks ago, along with her wallet and their GPS device (not a favorite thing!). When we realized my phone was eligible for an update, I got a new one and we put her SIM card in my old one. The new one slides open rather than flipping open, as my old one did, so it is a little quicker and easier to get to.

2. Jason’s dinner invention. Monday my afternoon schedule spun out of control unexpectedly. Jason and Mittu happened to be home that afternoon and offered to make dinner, thankfully — otherwise it would have been a night for picking up something on the way home or scrounging something quick and easy when I finally got there. He came up with a slice of ham and provolone around sauteed and seasoned chicken tenderloin. I didn’t get a picture of it (we were too hungry to wait for pictures!) but it was good.

3. Redbox. Jason and Mittu had used and told us about renting movies from them for $1 a night, but I tried it for the first time this weekend. We watched How to Train Your Dragon — pretty cute. And since they have a box in front of W-Mart, it’s pretty convenient.

4. Forks. Somehow I am missing forks from my silverware. I even bought another package of silverware and have used all the forks while the spoons and knives remain in the box since I have plenty of those. I think the forks get accidentally thrown away when people use them with paper plates for lunch or snacks. But we got an Oneida catalog this week, for the first time that I remember, and not only did they have my pattern, but I could buy individual pieces (which I couldn’t in the store), PLUS they were having a sale: buy four of any one flatware piece and get four free. Very timely! So I just ordered a bunch of forks to replace the missing ones. It will be nice to have enough to go around! I hadn’t even thought to check with them — I had gotten my silverware at W-Mart and had forgotten it was even Oneida.

5. A double date. Jesse had an activity last Saturday, so Jim and I went to dinner with Jason and Mittu at Ruby Tuesday’s, using a coupon Jim found online. It was only the second time I had been there. I wasn’t terribly impressed the first time, but this time was really good — ribs, their cheddar mashed potatoes, and grilled green beans.

Bonus: Making flight arrangement for Jeremy to come home for Thanksgiving. I’m so excited!

20 thoughts on “Friday’s Fave Five

  1. =D You will have all three boys with you for Thanksgiving?! ENJOY!

    I always hate getting new cell phones. I’m terribly anti-new-technology (something that does not make sense to Jonathan) and I resist until the packing tape won’t hold my phone together any longer.

    NICE that you could order just forks! That’s awesome!

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Yay for new cell phones, time with family, and fun dinners prepared by someone else! We’re fans of Redbox, too; we don’t watch enough movies for a subscription to make sense.

    Have a blessed week!

  3. Your new cell phone sounds great! 🙂 Redbox is fun and a great idea ( wish I had thought of it! ) Can’t beat that price! Glad you could enjoy dinner at Ruby Tuesdays, family and a good meal that you didn’t make is ALWAYS a good thing! 🙂

  4. That sounds like a great dish your son came up with. That’s great that they could chip in like that and make the evening go smooth for you. Forks do disappear, strange but true.
    I’m glad you found a good deal on replacements.
    Have a great weekend.

  5. I love being able to take pictures with my phone, although I keep forgetting I can. ha. Hope you enjoy yours.

    I love Redbox, too. For $1, if the movie turns out to be bad, I don’t feel guilty not watching it.

  6. That’s one exciting bonus! Coming home is always my fave anytime. YAY to your new phone. Cheddar mashed potatoes is something I wish I could have in my breakfast soon. Happy weekend.

  7. When I’m in the US end of this year and in January, I must go to Walmart and the other stores. This is the first time I’m hearing about Red Box. Enjoy your new phone! 😀

  8. I have a Netflix membership and now I can watch movies on TV through my I haven’t been to a video store in years, are they still around? I know Movie Gallery and Block Buster has closed a lot of stores.
    The first thing I though of when I read about the phone was: How did she get her SIM card if the phone was stolen? I have a new phone too, the first new model since 2003, it is an Iphone and I am still learning how to use it but I like it.
    I like Ruby Tuesday’s salad bar.
    I enjoyed reading your list. So happy you’ll have all your family for Thanksgiving.
    Mama Bear

    • We watch Netflix via the Wii, too, sometimes, but they don’t have the newest releases, at least not the ones we have wanted.

      We called AT&T and had my daughter-in-law’s phone deactivated the day it was stolen, so the thief was not able to use it at all after the first couple of hours. Then when we got ready to switch phones around, she got a new sim card at AT&T.

  9. OY! I have your fork problem with SPOONS! I’ve had to buy 3 sets to replace spoons! Craziness….

    OH! Jeremy will be HOME for Thanksgiving!!! HOW exciting!!!

  10. We really enjoyed How to Train Your Dragon (well, the four-year-old didn’t watch it…thought it might be too intense for him). And very cool about the cell phone. My current one doesn’t take pictures…or do much of anything other than make phone calls. 🙂

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