Fall Into Reading 2010 Wrap-Up

Autumn is officially over, and that means it is time to wrap up Katrina‘s Fall Into Reading Challenge. I am happy to say I completed all but one of my books and added a few extras. I could have finished the one but decided I would get more out of it by taking it more slowly — more on that later.

These are the books I completed:


Faithful Women and Their Extraordinary God by Noel Piper, reviewed here. Very good.

Start Somewhere: Losing What’s Weighing You Down from the Inside Out by Calvin Nowell and Gayla Zoz, not reviewed. It was okay, more inspirational and testimonial than instructional. The best advice is in the title.

I’m Outnumbered!: One Mom’s Lessons in the Lively Art of Raising Boys by Laura Lee Groves, reviewed here. Very good.

Same Kind of Different as Me by Ron Hall, Denver Moore, and Lynn Vincent, reviewed here. Excellent.


Her Daughter’s Dream by Francine Rivers, the sequel to Her Mother’s Hope, reviewed here. Excellent.

Here Burns My Candle by Liz Curtis Higgs reviewed here. Good.

The Thorn by Beverly Lewis, reviewed here. Very good.

In the Company of Others, a new Father Tim (of the Mitford series) novel by Jan Karon, reviewed here. Very good.

After the Funeral, a Hercule Poirot novel, A Murder Is Announced, featuring Miss Marple, both by Agatha Christie, reviewed together here. Very good for that genre, though that genre isn’t my favorite. But I am glad to have finally read Christie.

The one on my list that I did not finish is 50 People Every Christian Should Know: Learning From Spiritual Giants of the Faith by Warren Wiersbe. I had been dipping into it here and there and then decided I was going to plow through it to finish it by the end of this challenge. But then I was getting people jumbled up and feeling more like it was a chore, though I am enjoying the book. So I decided to go back to reading of one or two of the people here or there at a time and soak their stories in rather than just reading the book just to read it. I have several places marked already that I want to share when I do finish it!

There were a few I picked up which were not on my original list: A Novel Idea: Everything You Need to Know about Writing Inspirational Fiction compiled by several authors. I have been dipping into this here and there and really enjoy it. And then I have only been purposely reading Christmas books during December the last few years and wanted to do so again this year. I am part way into Come, Thou Long-Expected Jesus: Experiencing the Peace and Promise of Christmas, several essays on various aspects of Christmas from Martin Luther, Spurgeon, Martin Lloyd-Jones, John Piper, and others, compiled by Nancy Guthrie (a reread, excellent); Let Every Heart Prepare Him Room: Daily Family Devotions for Advent by Nancy Guthrie (excellent); 25 Ways, 26 Days to Make This Your Best Christmas Ever by Ace Collins (mmm…okay); Finding Christmas: Stories of Startling Joy and Perfect Peace by James Calvin Schaap (good);  Treasure of Christmas, a collection of three stories by Melody Carlson (great). I should finish all of those by the end of the month, some by Christmas. I also have The Best of Christmas in My Heart, a collection of short stories, by Joe Wheeler, but haven’t started it yet.

Katrina asks a few wrap up questions: My favorite book of this challenge would be Her Daughter’s Dream. Least favorite? That’s hard to say. I didn’t dislike any of them and none were “bad.” But as you can tell in my one-word assessments of each book, there were some I enjoyed more than others. The least favorite that I am currently reading is the Ace Collins one. It’s ok — just not grabbing me.  Learn something new through the challenge? I learned that murder mysteries aren’t my favorite though I enjoy trying to figure out “whodunit.” I’ve shared quotes that have spoken to me either in my reviews of each book or in my Week In Words weekly meme (would love to have you join us for that!) Favorite part of the Fall Into Reading Challenge? Being a bit more purposeful in my reading, incorporating some books I’ve been meaning to get to but haven’t worked in yet, and seeing what others are reading and adding to my too-long TBR list. And the possibility of winning a gift certificate to Amazon.com is a fun incentive as well. 🙂

Thanks again, Katrina, for hosting! It’s been fun!

8 thoughts on “Fall Into Reading 2010 Wrap-Up

  1. “The best advice is in the title.” Sometimes that is so true!

    “So I decided to go back to reading of one or two of the people here or there at a time and soak their stories in rather than just reading the book just to read it.” Good for you! That’s hard for me to do, but I have to do it sometimes too or else I miss out on too much.

    I’m looking for a better book of Christmas devotionals for next year instead of what I’m reading this year (would not recommend it!) so I’ll use your list. Thanks for sharing so much, Barbara!

  2. Wow! You made it through a bunch of books! The only two of the ones you read that I’ve read are Same Kind of Different and Her Daughter’s Dream (which I haven’t posted a review of yet).

    Thanks for the Christmas title list. I always have plans to do more Christmas-y reading during December, but I’m usually just too busy. I might just have to pick one of the titles you recommend for next year and be purposeful about it!

  3. I’m hoping to get “Her Daughter’s Dream” for Christmas or my birthday. I really enjoyed “Her Mother’s Hope”.

    You have read a whole lot this fall Barbara, and I have really enjoyed your reviews as you finished them!

  4. Warren Wiersbe’s name is popping up all over the place to me. Hmm. I picked up his devotional on Proverbs but haven’t gone through it yet.

    I couldn’t remember the title of I’m Outnumbered the other day. I thought I had found a copy but it was a different book. Still keeping an eye out!

  5. I love your list! I see several I’ve wanted to read and several more I’m going to have to check out. Wasn’t Same Kind of Different As Me a great one?! This has been a great challenge…I’m looking forward to the spring challenge!

  6. Great job, Barbara! And I do agree that sometimes it’s best to slow down with a book and really absorb it, rather than push through quickly to cross it off the list. I, too, dipped in to some Christmas-y books this season, my favorite being Immanuel by Anne Spangler.

    Happy New Year!

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