Booking Through Thursday: Ground Floor

btt  button Booking Through Thursday is a weekly meme which poses a question or a thought for participants to discuss centering on the subject of books or reading. The question for this week is:

There’s something wonderful about getting in on the ground floor of an author’s career–about being one of the first people to read and admire them, before they became famous best-sellers.

Which authors have you been lucky enough to discover at the very beginning of their careers?

And, if you’ve never had that chance, which author do you WISH you’d been able to discover at the very beginning?

I “met” Laura Lee Groves at her blog, Outnumbered Mom, through Susanne‘s weekly meme Friday’s Fave Fives. We are at similar stages of life and both have all boys and I enjoyed her writing style. It was only after I had been reading her blog for a while that I discovered she was working on a book, and it was exciting to hear about the final stages and then see it come to fruition. I was happy to buy her book, I’m Outnumbered!: One Mom’s Lessons in the Lively Art of Raising Boys, and to review it here, and even gave away a copy on my blog and then again in in person to a friend. I also found out about The Book Lover’s Devotional: What We Learn About Life From 60 Great Works of Literature through her blog, which would have interested me anyway, but knowing she wrote for parts of it makes it even more appealing. I just received my copy yesterday and can’t wait to start it. Plus she has mentioned working on a fiction book now, and it’s fun to hear a little bit about its progress and to look forward to seeing it come out.

I discovered The Secret Life of Becky Miller, the first book by Sharon Hinck, while just walking around the Christian bookstore looking for something to read. I loved this book about a young mom who experiences Walter Mitty-like daydreams of heroism while trying to figure out how to do “great things for God” in real life. I think my review of Becky was my first on my blog — and Sharon’s response was the first time I ever heard from an author here. I’ve read and enjoyed (and I think reviewed) her six subsequent books since and hope the Lord allows her more. She’s been waylaid by illness the last couple of years and I pray God grants her healing. She also wrote part of the introduction for A Novel Idea: Everything You Need to Know about Writing Inspirational Fiction.

I came across either Adam Blumer or his brother — or maybe both, I got them confused at first — at a Christian message board I sometimes frequent. When I heard he was writing a novel, I eagerly awaited it. His book Fatal Illusions was published in 2009 and was “keep you on the edge of your seat” good, and I am eagerly awaiting the sequel.

I didn’t know Jamie Langston Turner personally, but she teaches at my alma mater, so I also anticipated her first book, Suncatchers, from the time I first heard about it, and I have bought all of her books since.

There may be other authors I’ve followed since their first book or earlier, but these are the ones that come to mind. I enjoy following their careers and hearing about the progress of a book they’re working on.

7 thoughts on “Booking Through Thursday: Ground Floor

  1. Fun question. I had to sit and think about that one for awhile. But I think I would have to say – I loved finding Trenton Lee Stewart’s Mysterious Benedict Society. The first book had just recently come out and I picked it up on a whim based on the cover art. Turns out I loved it (as you know) and it’s been a pleasure talking about those books ….so frequently. =/

    How’s your sick boy today? Praying it doesn’t spread to everyone else and that he’s feeling better soon!

    • Much better, thank you. He has been able to keep foods down and has more energy but still a little weak and wobbly from not being able to keep anything down yesterday. It was scary at one point when I walked in and he was on the floor saying he couldn’t move — he was cramping from dehydration, but we were finally able to get enough liquid to stay down. I was afraid we were going to have to take him to the hospital for a few minutes there.

      I’m praying it doesn’t spread, either! Nasty stuff! I’m a big hand-washer anyway, but I washed my hands after doing anything at all with him or in his room.

  2. I’ve actually known several authors — one of whom is currently on the NYT best seller list — since before or right near the onset their first published book, however none of them write from a Christian perspective so I won’t mention them here.

  3. I don’t think I’ve ever known an author personally. That’s pretty neat that you’ve known a few from the beginning of their careers. I’ve heard of Jamie Langston Turner, but didn’t realize she was a teacher at your alma mater. I’ve reserved one of her books at my library and will be excited to read it! Thanks for your book reviews and recommendations; I trust your judgment on books, and you’ve introduced me to some new authors through reading your blog!

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