Valentine’s Day 2011 and assorted randomness

We enjoyed a nice Valentine’s Day with the family, and I thought I’d share some assorted scenes.

I hadn’t really planned to do a Valentine-themed dinner, but I was planning on these Li’l Cheddar Meat Loaves at some point anyway and decided they could be made into heart shapes. (I had made this recipe once before, and the sauce was barbecue-y and cloyingly sweet. So this time I left out the mustard and used only a couple of tablespoons of brown sugar, and it was just right.)

I also tried Texas Sheet Cake for my traditional heart-shaped cupcakes rather than the boxed devil’s food cake mix — but they didn’t convert very well and great chunks of them stuck in the pans. I don’t know if it was my pans or the recipe or what. We did salvage most of them, and they still tasted good except for being a little dry.

Jeremy was all by himself in RI, so we skyped during our meal. Wish I had thought to take a picture of him on the computer on a stool at the table. He commented recently that he’d love for us to have this video chat robot to take us to a new level of skyping. That would be nice in some ways, but a little creepy in others — I told him it reminded me of those old sc-fi movies where someone’s had a horrible accident resulting in only their brain surviving, which is then implanted into some kind of machine.

I had gone over to Jim’s mom’s earlier in the afternoon and brought her a card as well as a book and some mini cans of Sprite. She exclaimed that she had never had such a nice card and I must have looked really hard to find it, and she showed me a couple of cards that she had received from others. We talked a little bit about the family, and then as I was leaving, I said, “Happy Valentine’s Day!” She said, “Oh, is that today?” 🙂

I told the family that I’m glad at least her forgetfulness is usually happy. I had just been reading yesterday of someone with Alzheimer’s who got angry and paranoid when confused. Mom doesn’t have Alzheimer’s or even full-blown dementia, but she’s having more and more “senior moments.” She gets a little dismayed sometimes, but usually she’s pretty upbeat and everything is a delightful rediscovery, and if we remind her of something she’s forgotten, she’ll just smile and say, “Well, when you get to be an 82-year old woman….”

Jesse is better though his stomach is still a little wobbly and his appetite isn’t completely back to normal. He was out of school yesterday due to a teacher’s clinic, and I think the extra day off really helped. So far no one else has gotten whatever it was — for which I am VERY thankful. That was a particularly nasty bug and lasted longer than usual. Wednesday afternoon was particular scary — he had not been able to keep anything down, even water, and he called me to come into his room. He was on the floor saying he couldn’t move  — his hands were contracted and he said his hips were cramping. That happened once a few years before after a very hot outdoor August wedding — he got violently ill on the way home and said the same thing about not being able to move. Scary anyway, but especially with my TM background. I’m pretty sure he was dehydrated and at that time seemed to be fine once we got some fluid in him. But with any fluid coming right back up this time, I was really afraid we were going to have to take him to the hospital. Thankfully enough stayed down to get him over that hump. I am very glad to see whatever it was he had finally go.

Suzie, our dog, was having similar symptoms — I almost wondered if one of them caught it from the other, since Jesse is the one who feeds her twice a day and brings her in the garage at night when it’s cold outside. But then last night she was breathing really, really hard, and we were afraid she might be coming to an end. Jim took her to the vet this morning and found it would cost hundreds of dollars in x-rays and blood work just to see what was wrong, and much more than that, depending on the diagnosis, to treat, and at this point in her life — she’s about 14 — we felt it would probably be better to put her out of her suffering. But we decided to try an antibiotic just to see if it helped, and she seems to be doing a little better, so maybe she’s on the mend. Hopefully.

So, we had a very good day, except for the scare with Suzie. Now I need to get back into gear and figure out how to best use today — and how to resist all the chocolate that is calling to me…

11 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day 2011 and assorted randomness

  1. I am glad Jessie is better. I hope Suzie soon feels better, too.

    I like the ide of your heart shaped cheese loaves. that would have been just as fun and much easier than my scallop recipe. Maybe I’ll keep them in mind for Amoeba’s birthday.

    I am glad you had a wonderful Valentine’s Day!

  2. I’m glad Jesse’s doing better! I’ve thought of him several times over the past couple of days and wondered how he was doing.

    We’re dog-sitting today for friends of ours! She is a bit old and doesn’t do much more than sleep, but it’s fun to have a dog around. We’d like to get one, but just can’t afford it right now. Hope Suzie is better soon!

  3. Did I get you on to that Lil’ Cheddar Meatloaves recipe? Or do we both make the same thing? It’s one of our favorites – come to think about it, I haven’t made it for awhile.

    I left school at noon to come home and sleep – have been fighting off a bug myself and have had a bad headache all day. It’s some better after 2 1/2 hours of sleep but not gone yet. There’s so much sickness around here too just like apparently your area.

    • No, a lady from our church in SC had a variation of it in our church cookbook and said it was from TOH, so I looked it up. She used bread crumbs in hers. I usually have oatmeal on hand and like it with that.

      Hope you’re feeling better!

  4. Sounds like your son and I had the same thing. I’m still not well. Feeling much better, but wondering how much longer it will go on. Not eating much, but at least I lost a few pounds! HA! I like all your Valentine photos. Looks like you had a great day!

  5. Looks like a wonderful Valentine’s day. I hope your son and the dog are both feeling better and that the rest of the house has remained healthy!! I’m intrigued by Texas Sheet cake. I’ve never heard of it, but will have to check that out!

  6. Such a surprising balloon, lol! My youngest son had that stomach bug yesterday–he called me and was quite miserable. My hubby had it a month ago and I have not seen him that sick from a virus in over 30 years!! He couldn’t move.

    hmm, I have senior moments and I am not 82!

  7. So thankful to hear that Jessie is on the mend, Barbara. it can be scarey when they can’t even keep water down. Daniel was that way when he was little and would get the stomach flu in the days before they made Gatorade and the flavored electorlyte drinks, though he probably wouldn’t have been able to keep those down either.
    It looks like you had a wonderful dinner! So special and I love all of the heart-shaped food!
    Ed’s mother had her moments after developing dementia and later alzheimer’s. I remember our last Thanksgiving with her…..we had all carried in food at the nursing home where she was staying. She just had this scowl on her face as if she was thinking: “who are all of you people and why am I here with you?” 🙂 It was a bit difficult but it was our last time with her.
    Your MIL sounds like such a sweet lady!
    And I hope Suzie gets well!!

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