What’s On Your Nightstand: April

What's On Your NightstandThe folks at 5 Minutes For Books host What’s On Your Nightstand? the fourth Tuesday of each month in which we can share about the books we have been reading and/or plan to read. You can learn more about it by clicking the link or the button.

Since last time I finished:

A Walk In the Park by Barbara Andrews, a very sweet and tender story about a sculptor who easily talks to “his girls” that he sculpts but can’t seem to talk adequately to a real, live one — until he meets Maddie.

A Long Walk Home, also by Barbara Andrews, which gives the back-story of the housekeeper of the sculptor in the first book and then ties the two stories together at the end. Both Andrews books are reviewed together here.

Faithful by Kim Cash Tate, reviewed here, about three friends in various situations who learn what being faithful means. That sounds like a bland description, but it was a very enjoyable and beneficial, hard-to-put-down read.

10 Gospel Promises For Later Life by Jane Marie Thibault, reviewed here. Sadly, I cannot recommend this one because of serious doctrinal problems.

An Unlikely Blessing by Judy Baer, not reviewed, a pleasant but not riveting read about a new pastor of two churches in a rural town. Similar in many ways to Mitford but not quite as charming.

Jesus, Keep Me Near the Cross: Experiencing the Passion and Power of Easter compiled by Nancy Guthrie. Excellent. I read and reviewed it last year and read it again in the weeks before Easter this year.

A Tale of Two Cities by Dickens. I just finished it — I’ve read it at least twice before. but it had been a number of years. Loved it, loved it. Hope to have a review up soon. My review is here.

Selfishness: From Loving Yourself to Loving Your Neighbor by Lou Priolo is just a 31-page booklet, but, wow, it packs a punch. Very convicting. I shared some quotes from it yesterday.

I’m currently reading:

A Novel Idea: Everything You Need to Know about Writing Inspirational Fiction — bit by bit in between other books.

Women’s Ministry in the Local Church by Ligon Duncan and Susan Hunt

Leaving by Karen Kingsbury, a new series with Bailey Flanigan from previous series.

Up next:

The Judgment by Beverly Lewis, second in The Rose Trilogy

Love Finds You in Camelot, Tennessee by Janice Hanna.

What are you reading?

11 thoughts on “What’s On Your Nightstand: April

  1. I too am looking forward to your thoughts on Dickens. It seems like every time I hear someone’s thoughts on Tale of Two Cities my own appreciation of the book increases. I had the opportunity to read it with a high school student a couple of years back–it was fun to read it anew through completely new eyes!

  2. Faithful sounds like something I would like to read! Also share it with my daughters. I too have an Easter book that I read every year…Witness the Passion. A Tale of Two Cities is on my list. Hope to get to it soon.

  3. I’m thinking about listening to A Tale of Two Cities again soon, maybe this summer. I’m too wimpy to read it (kudos to you!), but listening to it was fabulous for the French and English accents.

    I’ll look forward especially to your review of Women’s Ministry in the Local Church. A great list!

  4. Some interesting selections there….
    Thanks for sharing…I went ahead and linked my post from last week…I saw The Johnstown Flood on someone’s blog this morning and went to Amazon to read about it. I think I might read it sometime if it was available to download to my kindle.
    Mama Bear

  5. A few of the gals from the Nightstand linkup are reading books this month about writing. I guess blogs and reading lead to (or stem from) a love of writing as well.

    Great list! I hope you have a great reading month!

  6. Ooh, Faithful sounds interesting. I have been reading a ton of fiction lately myself and need to get started on the nonfiction file as it is growing too large.

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