Laudable Linkage and Videos

Here are some great reads I discovered the last couple of weeks:

Abounding Works — great post-Easter thoughts.

How an Atheist Found God, HT to Sherry — wonderful testimony.

The Communist Party Declares War on Christians. Sobering.

Talents For a Season, HT to Challies.

Loving Children When They’re Unlovable — from an adoptive parent’s point of view, but true for biological children as well.

He’ll always be my baby. Sniff, sniff…..

Don’t Be a Drama Queen, and Other Lessons in Friendship from Anne Shirley, HT to Diane.

Printable and recipe for chocolate bundt cake gifts, meant for teachers but could be adapted for other purposes.

Beginning Free Motion Quilting. I’ve been intrigued by this since discovering blog friend Wendy, who is a master at it — such beautiful stuff! But this post by Vanilla Joy is her first attempt and it gave the courage to think about trying it some day….when I have some other projects finished!

Peep Surgery. Funny! A little weird, but funny.

San Fransisco Treat: “Artist Scott Weaver has constructed a new interactive tour of San Francisco hotspots — using 100,000 toothpicks collected over the past 35 years.”

Cricut Imagine Giveaway — closes tomorrow.

I’ve seen rabbits being chased before but never saw one do a back flip:

An amazing catch:

Does that mean the batter is out?

I am SO looking forward to The Hobbit! Here is a pre-production look:

Hope you have a good Saturday!

3 thoughts on “Laudable Linkage and Videos

  1. I am excited about The Hobbit finally becoming a movie, too! Loved that atheist conversion post! And the girl catching the ball just about blew me away!

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