Laudable Linkage

Time for my nearly-weekly round-up of interesting reads around the Web:

5 Signs of Spiritual Maturity in a Believer. I see I still have a ways to go…

Forest? What Forest?

Ten Reasons to Listen to Questions Before You Answer. Amen.

Man Enough to Love a Real Woman.

Make a Bible Timeline and good reasons for knowing Bible history.

A Collection of Rejected Titles for Classic Books. Pretty interesting. All’s Well that Ends Well just doesn’t have the same ring as War and Peace.

Free e-books about writing — today’s the last day.

Craft storage/organization:

Sewing/Craft Room Ideas, HT to Lizzie. Lots of neat, clever ideas!

Get Organized Challenge. Recorded webinars about various craft storage issues.


Cute button project.

Scrappy Silhouettes.

Foodie stuff:

Homemade Twix Bars.

Cookie Monster Cupcakes. Very cute!

And a few funny pictures seen around Facebook:

Coming from a family of Star Trek fans, this struck me funny:

Have a good weekend!

1 thought on “Laudable Linkage

  1. Those funnies got me laughing out loud! Love that T-shirt.
    Roomie’s done a pictorial Bible events on separate pieces of papers. Then she hands them out to people and have them tape them in order in a big room. It’s a great exercise in a big group. Some of the fun is just trying to figure out what the stick figures signify!

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