It’s Moving Day….

No, not for us but for my mother-in-law. I mentioned a few months ago that her assisted living place had decided that her level of care was getting to be more than what they would provide, but my husband and her physical therapist convinced them that she was fine where she was.

But at the last fire drill Mom wasn’t able to vacate the building in the allotted time the fire code says she needs to, so the director called and said she needed to go. We had been thinking along those lines anyway, that it would be better to move her than to live with the constant possibility of it on our shoulders.

Jim took her to another assisted living place Monday for an interview. One of the specific questions he asked was whether she could stay there long term or whether we’d be facing all this again in another year as she declined. They said they would be able to take care of her through the end of life. It seems to be a lot better staffed. It is more expensive, but that’s due to a higher level of care. There is a nurse practitioner on staff, so that person can be her primary care person and she won’t have to be sent out to a dr. for basic needs: things like the emergency room visit she had a few weeks ago would be avoided because they can do basic testing there.

All in all it sounds like a positive move, but of course change is hard, especially at her age. We’d appreciate your prayers as she makes this transition. After visiting the place with Jim and having multiple discussions about not wanting to move and Jim explaining why she had to, when I went to see her yesterday she had no memory of any of it and I had to start from scratch explaining it all. I don’t know if she’ll remember it when Jim goes to pick her up this morning. I truly think once she gets settled she’ll be fine, and in some ways short term memory loss might be a blessing, but the first few days will be disconcerting for her.

The plan today is that Jim will go pick her up and bring her here to our house, where Mittu and I will stay with her so she’ll be out of the fray of packing up. Jim, Jason, and Jesse will go over to her place and pack her things up and then take them to the new place. Then when they’re done setting up, we’ll take her over. The staff there even suggested we have dinner there with her the first night to help with her transition.

So we’d appreciate your prayers for the stresses of this day and for her transition. Thanks so much!

16 thoughts on “It’s Moving Day….

  1. We never had to move my mom into a facility, but the moves with us as we changed locations were hard enough on her. We found it was best, as you are doing, to remove her to a peaceful environment so she didn’t feel so tossed about. It will be so helpful to have her familiar things in her new location. When I was directing the girl’s extension office at BJ, I would visit all the nursing homes our groups went to over the summer months. Some were so medicinal and stark, while others allowed folks to have their furniture and things on the walls that made it more like home. I was glad to see that the latter was a growing trend.

    Praying for you all.

  2. Oh, my prayers will be with you today and in the coming days as she transitions to a new home. I know how hard this is. I remember having to move my mom just to a new room within the same assisted living facility and that was distressing to me as much as her.

    But in the end, you’re probably wise to make the move now anyway so she can stay put plus have less out-patient visits; those are always distressing.

  3. Barbara – I’ll be praying for you, your mother-in-law & the rest of your family as you MIL moves to her new place and gets settled in. The new place sounds fantastic and like it’s a really great fit for your MIL. Praying it all goes smoothly and according to plans.

  4. Said a prayer. Please tell us how things go! My FIL is in an assisted living place and it has been a blessing. But we are always concerned if he should get worse because they also have a certain level expected. But so far he has been doing extremely well and actually with the new physical therapists they have inhouse he has made some improvements these past few months!

  5. This is off topic, Barbara, but I tried to email you and it wouldn’t work on my end. I’m thinking of moving from blogger to WordPress for a new blog I’m putting up and wondered what your thoughts were on the positive/negative aspects of WordPress.

    • I don’t know how it compares to Blogger, but I have enjoyed it. It’s been pretty easy to use and there is a good message forum to take problems to and get feedback. A couple of negatives are that you can’t upload music or videos straight from your computer unless you pay for an upgrade — videos have to go through Youtube or Vimeo.

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