Gingerbread Houses

I’m not good at decorating cakes, so I guess that fact plus having all guys at home never inspired me to try gingerbread houses at Christmastime. It’s funny the things you just assume boys won’t be interested in. But having a daughter-in-law with different interests and talents has expanded our horizons the last couple of years and enriched our lives.

Jason and Mittu brought over a couple of gingerbread house kits last Friday night. I liked having everything we needed in a kit, including pre-made gingerbread. I had always been afraid of making gingerbread and having it stick to the pans or fall apart.

We set everything out in the middle of the table, and there was enough for each of us to decorate our own house.

First came the “building”:

Someone said Jim looked annoyed there. No, he was just concentrating. At one point Mittu said, “Dad, your face is going to freeze that way!” 🙂 Plus he was really tired: we had moved Grandma the day before and then he’d had to go in to work about 3 a.m. that morning.

Then the decorating:

I started out trying to decorate mine just like the example on the box, but then started doing my own thing. I think the best touches were what different ones dreamed up that weren’t on the box!

Here are the results:



Love the yard!

Jesse’s — he was particularly proud of the peppermint icicles:


Love the peppermint chimney and stacked logs!


And an extra one that Jim put together and I decorated:

Our gingerbread village:

Mittu remarked that it smelled a lot better than our last project, the pumpkins! And that’s certainly true! The first day or so we had them out, the smell was a little overwhelming, either seeming too sweet at times, or other times making me want to eat something. But that’s faded a little bit since the first day.

All in all it was a fun evening!

8 thoughts on “Gingerbread Houses

  1. So your houses are making me cry. But not because they’re bad. ha. They’re lovely. But because my girls have always decorated one together in the past and I haven’t got one yet for this year. 😦 Maybe it’s not too late… Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. Love it! My kids did one of these kits one year. Very fun. I especially like the little details, like the little wreath, the stacked “logs” and the icicles. 🙂

  3. We tried a gingerbread house last year. I vowed to wait to do it again when they are older.

    Mostly I’m smiling because you embrace the different gifts and talents that Mittu has. (It has been a struggle in our family for people to accept different gifts and talents from others. Something of a painful thing.) I see the houses and see family unity and fun. (I also want to eat a lot of candy right now.) But your little village says something much more than, “Fun craft” to me.

  4. How fun for the whole family. Love the looks of concentration, they were really getting into it!
    I’m doing a really crazy thing and having some of Grace’s girlfriends over on Thursday to decorate cookies. Nothing like getting girls hyped up on sugar then sending them home!

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